Friday, November 5, 2010

Testing for Weaknesses?

A man used a disguise kit including a silicone head mask to pass off as an elderly passenger to board an Air Canada Flight.  CNN Story Link

Unreal.  Do you think he was just testing out the system for holes?  I mean the following as the most basic of observations, not necessarily intentionally racist.  If he was trying to disguise his identity, why not just use another person's passport.  He is obviously of Asian decent.  People don't examine identification that closely, even though security measures are heightened.  Just use your buddy that looks similar to yourself.  Hell, I could find another red head to be in cohouts with!  You see a picture but don't critically examine it.  As long as the names match on the ID and the boarding pass, no one would have noticed.  Wow, I sound like such a criminal and a racist.

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