Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Now You Too Can Smell Like the Bieb!

Bieber Scented Dog Tags.  It's Gold, Jerry, Gold!

Youtube sensation turned Mega Pop Star.  This little 16-year-old with mystifying hair has captured the attention of the entire world.  His stellar (mostly photo) autobiography was released last week.  He has a line of nail polish in the works and now he's struck a gold mine. 

Justin Bieber's very own Perfume Cologne scented Dog Tags.  Oh the day when I can exploit one or both of my children for world economic domination!


  1. You cannot imagine how excited this post makes me! (Huh... somewhere along the line I became a creepy guy obsessed with a teen male pop star.)

    I quite enjoy the fact that you labeled his autobiography as "stellar." :) (That's going to make me laugh all day.)

    Oh, I am going to spend the rest of the day obsessing about that Seinfeld quote. I can definitely picture the guy saying it (Kenny Banya... that might not be the right spelling), but the episode is just beyond my grasp.

    (You know, it'll probably come to me in the middle of a work meeting. All of a sudden I'll blurt it out and everyone's head will turn to gawk at me, but I will already be hiding under the conference table.)

  2. Oh, God. You have GOT to be kidding me. And he's got his own nail polish as well? Does he WEAR the nail polish? What kind of a message is he looking to send?
    Will little tennyboppers start wearing those dog tags??!

  3. John, so glad there'll be a lingering effect! I heard an interview with him about the captivating insights he imparts in his autobiography on the radio a few days ago. Positive he used "Like, you know" a dozen times in under two minutes. He kept emphasizing how he'll be helping so many people by sharing his experiences.

    Kathryn, {Lowers Eyes and Shakes Head} no idea what is wrong with the youth of America.