Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 8 - Someone Who Made Your Life Hell, Or Treated You Like Shit

I had several of bullies in life and especially middle school.  The bus ride home was pure torture....physically and mentally.

I grew up in a lower income home.  We weren't poor by traditional poverty standards, but both parents worked and had two kids to raise.  Neither had college educations but both were consistently employed.  My Dad (stepdad) got on with a good company when I was little and worked his way up.  So as I got older we had more money and a nicer home.  That said, there wasn't just money to blow even though my Mom has insane abilities to spend money like I can

I went to a private school in elementary and then we moved to a school district with insanely good credentials for middle and high school.  Both had very wealthy kids attending.  This left me open to ridicule for not having top of the line everything.  Shoes, Video Games, and later cars.  These kids were the type who got BMWs for their 16th birthday.  I was grateful for being given a car at all.  Mom got a new Minivan and I got to ride in a hatchback Hyundai Excel.  Then I didn't care cause I had wheels!  Looking back now, I'm impressed with my parents generosity.  I have friends who had to work to get their own ride.  Some whose parents matched and whatnot.  I was envious though, of the new Eclipses and Mustangs my friends were pimping.

To top it off I have a name like Dorn.  Unusual names aren't necessarily picked on more than normal ones, mine just happens to convert into lovely terms like Horny Dorny or Pornstar.  Admittedly, neither phased me.  At least I wasn't Dick or Peter.  God help those kids!

The cherry on top (pun intended) is that I'm a red head.  When there isn't anything left to pick on, kids go after looks.  I was 16 or so before I came around to liking my red hair.  Even then by 18 I was bleaching the crap out of it.

So there was the fodder they had to use.  And trust me, lots of them used it!  Being poor, having a wierd name and being a red head!  Guess what!  I've cursed my children with each one of these.  I really think it made me a better person.  While my parents definitely took care of us, I learned to appreciate what I have more than many.  My name and hair color stand out.  In a sea of faceless, nameless people, I have something that distinguishes myself. 

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