Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 7 - Someone Who Has Made Your Life Worth Living For

Hands down, my wife has made my life worth living for.  I had fun before I met her.  I enjoyed being single as well as being in relationships before I met her.  We'd known each other for about 6 months before we were officially dating.  That 6 months was building up to something grand the whole time though!

So, I met her 8 years ago this week.  I was fired as assistant manager the day after my birthday...1 guess as to why.  Hint, it involved dozens of tequila and Jager shots and a very early Sunday morning restaurant opening.  So I went to the owner's brother who owned the sister location on the other side of town.  I began working as a bartender the next day.  Chalk one up for not burning bridges!

She was a waitress, I was a bartender, how predictable, right?  Wrong.  Reason number one, a couple of my roommates worked with her and didn't like her.  She was a goody-two-shoes, they were stoners.  That conflict of interest should have told me not to listen to them, but hey, they knew better than I.  After all they'd already surveyed the lay of the land.  Reason two, SHE MISPRONOUNCED MY NAME FOR A SOLID MONTH!  One syllable, thank you very much!

Those didn't sway the attraction.  By the time the company Christmas party rolled around, we were quite hot and heavy.  A few months later we were official.  Lemme just say (TMI) exploring Tulsa, Oklahoma with her was an incredible experience! 

OK, history lesson over.

My wife and I balance each other out.  She's spontaneous, yet responsible.  Bouncy, yet reserved.  I'm trepidations, yet irresponsible.  Laid back, yet outgoing.  She runs the house, I do all the cooking.  The compatibility is great.  The fact that we are both red heads is strange, even to us.  We are like minded in many things.  Where we differ makes for great debates. 

She makes me smile.  She laughs at my jokes.  Before I start sounding like a country song.  I love this woman.  If ever a reason to remain faithful was called to question, undoubtedly I would never be capable of breaking our bond.  She is my perfect match.  She has made me a perfect family.  She keeps me sane even while driving me nuts.

I wish everyone could find that perfect someone.  Just don't ever expect them to fall into your lap.  We've grown to be perfect for each other.  We've made the effort to get to this level of happiness.

This one seemed much easier than previous ones.  Tomorrow's will surely bring up some nasty memories.

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