Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 6 - Something You Hope You Never Have To Do

Death came to mind on this one.  Not like "I hope I never have to Die."  I have no aspirations of vapirism or immortality.  At least not ones with any legitimacy. 

I was thinking "I hope I never have to bury one of my children."  Same goes for my wife.  Honestly, she wants to live to see the Tricentennial since she missed the Bicentennial by a year.  I on the other hand, unless medical science takes some more leaps and bounds in the next forty five years, don't want to gruel on much past 75.

So I started thinking, maybe it's not the burying or death part.  I have always dealt with death of friends, family, coworkers and employees fairly well.  Sometimes I think I might be a little too emotionally stunted because I don't dwell on it. 

Burying one of the kids is unimaginable, same for my wife, same with my parents and sisters.  I do know that it's part of life and realize it's not one of my real fears.  Even my own isn't scary. 

I hope I don't become a burden to my family when I'm old.  I don't want to need someone's assistance with bodily functions.  I don't want to be unable to do for myself.  I don't want get old.  Aging and getting older is different.  I don't want to hit decrepit. I can't deal with that.  I definitely don't want to lose my mind.  Not in the way I've already lost it! 

Incontinence, Senility, Weakness.  Those are what I hope I never have to do.  Here's three cheers for Medical Science and the healthy, noninvasive cures they will come out with in my lifetime!

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