Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 4 - Something you have to Forgive Someone For

Had a couple ideas here but nothing substantial.  I don't really hold grudges.  I don't forget things, but I'm more the type to allow things good or bad to just be experiences and nothing incredibly deeper.  I'm not articulating this the way I'd like. I don't cut people out of my life or stop talking to them for a while or punish them for things they've done.

I am not saying I don't judge people.  I can certainly be a snarky little bitch when I want to be.  I just get over things quickly.  Maybe I just find the best in the person and make it outweigh their indiscretion.  Or maybe I've just been spared egregious acts in my life time.  I doubt it's the latter. 

I do regret things I've done at other's suggestion or under their guidance.  My parents for example are fairly anti-social people on the scale of ASD through Super Out Going.  This led to difficulties maintaining friendships.  They are also overly cautious, non-spontaneous people.  This, with specific requests from good ole Mom, had me give up college scholarships that were across the country.

I don't know that these are things I should forgive them for though.  Ultimately, everything was my choice.  Oh and as an aside, I love my parents.  They were very good to me and my siblings.  They provided for us and tried to be involved in our much as the average set of working parents can be.

So I think that the whole forgiveness thing might be moot for me.  I find forgiveness of others easier than most.  Maybe if I spent a little more time dwelling on hurtful things, I'd feel differently.  I just don't.  I blow up in the moment and then the moment is over.  Now that I think of it, maybe that's how the same person can screw me over multiple times.  Good Lord, am I the typical personality of a battered spouse victim?  Nope, not going there!


  1. Have you never felt the sting of investing hours into a television show, only to be let down by the writers and producers? Or see it canceled in it's prime by the network?

    Never bought an album (dating myself) from a favorite artist only to find that they phoned it in, or decided to over-indulge a new creative angle?

    Never had a "friend" hand you a self-published book of "poetry" and hover nearby as you try to read it?

    Some things are hard to forgive.

  2. Sure TV and or Movies have let me down and don't get me started on wasted money on CDs with only one song of import! But none of it is worth the negative energy. I somehow find enough of that on my own.

    As for the Drivel/Poetry, sounds like a nerve that is still very sensitive. Let it go sir, just let it go.