Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 30 - A Letter To Yourself, Tell Yourself EVERYTHING You Love About Yourself

Well then.  My 300th post is all about myself. Guess I haven't come very far from the first post over a year and a half ago.  Whiny, self centered, job hating...check.  I'd give myself credit for consistency, but I think that's the wrong kind of compliment.

So, everything I love about me huh?  You know that Brad Paisley song "Letter To Me?"  If not, cause I know alls y'all didn't grow up in the Midwest like me and country music may be a foreign concept, take a gander below.  I wish I could talk to my child self as the me now.  Pretty sure that's why there are dozens of sayings about how hind sight is twenty twenty.  That would be easier in my opinion.  A letter of things I love about myself is just odd.

Dear Dorn, (Cordial, not too formal and not too homeboyish.  Oh and Seriously Microsoft, quit underlining my name.  It is not misspelled! Quit changing it to Dora, Dork or Darn.  Apple learned in in under a day.  Get with the program Bill!)

I know you don't take compliments well, so I'll start out slow and just enjoy it, I'm sure you'll see some things you agree with too. 

I love that you can walk into a kitchen with zero idea of what to cook for dinner and whip something incredibly tasty and whole house satisfying in under an hour...or even better when it's under 30 like tonight.  See that wasn't so hard.  You already freely admit you're a good cook.  Not quite America's Test Kitchen material, but Sandra Lee can certainly suck it!

I love that you've kept your marriage/relationship with your wife happy and exciting even after eight years together!  This month's entries have been chocked full of innuendos and blatant references, so this shouldn't surprise you at all at this point if you've been following along!  I love that you still find your wife attractive even while she's dealing with body image issues after two kids in two years.  Even better that you let her know too.  I love that you can still make her laugh...even if it's the same story from yesteryear that she's heard a dozen times.  (Probably why you love her too!)

Still on the marriage/wife topic.  I love that you're hopelessly committed to your wife and life with her.  I love that you make her a priority, even though she may beg to differ sometimes.  I love that you married your best friend and it didn't cross your mind that things could have worked out differently had you not dressed up in that bunny suit for 36 hours in an attempt to completely win her over.  (I'm sure that will come up in depth eventually.  No joke, I was a 6' Easter Bunny...make that 7' compensating for the head and ears, roaming the city on Easter Sunday!)

I love that your children adore you.  I love that your daughter gets voraciously jealous when you are holding your son.  It really does mean she's claimed you as hers and no one else's.  I love that your son not only looks incredibly like you, but he also laughs for you more than anyone else.  I love that, while it drives you insane, your daughter will not have anyone but Daddy take her potty when you are home.  I love that you know how to calm both down within seconds when they are throwing a tantrum.  I love that you know exactly what they need when they call out or cry for you without need for explanation.

Alright enough with the mushy family stuff.  I love that you can slip into a wide variety of Southern, Hillbilly, Country, Hick, Texan, and various other drawls and mumblings from south of the Mason Dixon, without missing a beat in a conversation.  (Southern drawls work particularly well while waiting tables.  Quick Hick comes in very handy when speaking "privately" to your wife in front of folks plagued with English as a Second Language.  And Folks, Texas truly is a whole other country and thus deserves its own exception).  Speaking of accents that get a laugh, I love that when you actually attempt to speak it, your Spanish is complimented for not sounding like an ignorant American is speaking it!

I love that you travel for family even though your parents won't.  I love that you have various creative bones in your body, I just wish you'd use one to actually complete something you've begun to execute.  I love that you look at life a bit differently than many of your peers.  Following the pack can typically get you out of danger, but it seldom gets you where you really want to go.

I'm sure there are bunches more that I love about you me OK this really is creepy, but I am getting tired and you I we screw it, just go to bed we have a super busy day tomorrow!

Love, Me(seriously what the eff pronoun am I supposed to use here?  Is this considered writing in second person?)

So happy this is over.  I haven't minded having a specific topic to work with each day.  It's given me motivation to jump on this computer each day (well almost).  I just don't know how much I've grown because of this.  Eh, maybe I've spent a bit more time liking me...a hell of a lot more than I did when I started it.  OK fine, it did it's job.  Thank you Rae & Wym for the inspiration.

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