Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 29 - Something You Hope To Change About Yourself And Why.

So many things I would love to see changed.  Tomorrow is all about things I love about myself.  I can find so much wrong that it's hard to see the positive.  So that gives me a lot to work with here yet I don't know how to choose. 

I spoke about procrastination earlier this month.  The one thing I've narrowed down ties into that and my post the other day about my wife trying to start her own company.  I've also talked about wanting to be a teacher before. 

That all adds up to me wanting to change my status in life.  I want to go back to school (want is probably a misnomer here as I HAVE to go back to school for this) and complete the requirements to become a teacher in Texas.  I don't know if elementary ed is a perfect fit but since I would get to teach a broad spectrum of topics, I think I would enjoy it more.  That said, High Schoolers or Middle Schoolers would benefit from a strong male figure (I heard that snicker...just work with me here).  I don't think, given my track record of college success, that I'm ready to strive for professor status.

I have never been motivated to go back to school for real.  I've been an working adult student before.  I quit because life (read that as a "new job that required 60 hours a week dedication") crept up on me.  Yes I see the irony in my inability to complete school yet I want to be a teacher.  That is more of my procrastination and laziness than my actual ability to achieve success in my studies.  When I apply myself I am a straight A student.  I just allow myself to slack off in the most costly and detrimental ways. 

I'm never going to be happy if I continue working in corporate America.  I can still do my wife's business on the side no matter what I do.  I know there is a ton of politics involved in every school district.  Also our litigious society has made teaching, especially for men, very difficult.  I'm OK with those challenges.  I want to do something that will make me proud to do what I do. 

I don't want to be conflicted about my decisions any more.  I need to do this.  I'm 31 now.  I don't think there is a cut off for teachers, but I can't wait too much longer.  School will absorb a couple years of my life and I need to get that out of the way before my kids are too old.  My goal is to start school again in January.  Here's to books and homework!  Here's to me making a change that is positive in every way.  Here's to finishing something I set out to do!


  1. Aw, man! You GO. What an incredibly noble profession you are to be a part of....and there was no snickering here, I promise. I would love for my boys to be taught by a male teacher who honestly loves to teach.

    If you're not cut out for corporate America, (God knows I'm not) then go do what you love. 'Cause then you'll love what you do...and so on. I can say from experience that you'll practically hear the audible *click* as the stars align.

  2. Thanks Kathryn! I'd love to hear the click!