Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 25 - The Reason You Believe You're Still Alive Today

Maybe I'm not thinking outside of the box enough here.  I just don't really get what they are asking.  I don't have one of those AA stories where someone picked me up from the gutter and turned my life around.  I've never hit rock bottom and found my one reason to live.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones have a song called "The Impression That I Get."  The chorus is a bit backwardly ironic in the fact that they should actually knock on wood because they've never had to before.  But a simple interpretation of the song is that they've not had bad things happen to them and they are happy with that.  They also aren't sure they know if they could deal with it.

That's kinda how I'm feeling here.  I've had crappy things occur in my lifetime no doubt.  But I've never been to the brink.  I really should save this part for tomorrows post. 

Now, to answer the question.  First, I think I'm still alive because I have a brain and I use it.  I don't always use it correctly.  But for every time I inactively participate in life and something "happens to me;" twice as many decisions were made where I guided my own life. Second, I have people who give a shit about me.  This coincides with Thanksgiving very nicely.  I have always had people in my life that I love and who love me back.  Not always a spouse either. While the whole married with kids thing is definitely awesome, I've always had family and friends in my life to balance out the bad.  Third, I'm not deathly allergic to anything and have always worn my seat belt in cars so accidents have never been anything more than really expensive lessons in proper road behavior.  Fourth, I'm too full of myself to not be around.

Happy Thanksgiving.  Oh yeah, I'm thankful that this month is almost over.  I've about had it with these questions.  I don't think I'm getting as much out of them as I'd originally hoped.  But I'm this far in and am determined to finish!

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