Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 22 - Something You Wish You Hadn't Done In Your Life

Wow, several moments in my history flashed before my eyes as I began thinking about this topic.  I don't know if I can share any of them.

My first know.  Off the table.

Forging my parent's signature on school communications...the bad ones of course.

Skipping classes and subsequently failing out of my freshman year of college.  NOT going to dwell on that!

The time I spent the night in the "County Hotel."  Or the time I was a guest of a different County's Over Night Facility.  Yep, not in the mood to relive those ridiculous moments from my past.  

I can tell you this.  My children will not get away with anything.  I've done so much stupid crap.  Lying, Stealing, Cheating, Lying, and more Lying.

I think I'm going to talk about how my actions directly impacted my sister's character and general attitude.  I was not very nice to her growing up.  I was not patient.  I was a pretty crappy brother in retrospect.

I had my moments of kindness and times when my protective big brother nature would kick in, but most of the time I was just a jerk. 

My sister has Down's Syndrome (the sister who is only a year younger than me).  That should imply to you that she is generally a very happy, overly bubbly and outgoing person.  She can also be a cantankerous grouch.  That side of her is me coming out.  I tainted a perfect person because I had unchecked orneriness growing up. 

We fought over typical crap growing up, but I think I may have taken it too far.  I would tease her with getting in trouble with Mom & Dad when they got home.  In my defense, she narcked on me A LOT growing up too...and sometimes even when she did what ever I was getting in trouble for. 

I would also pick on her for the stupidest of things.  Whether that was the way she was chewing or whatever else crossed my discerning eye, I would berate her.  I see her do the same thing now as an adult.  She is demanding and unsharing.  Guess who set that example?

We had many good experiences growing up but I don't know that those (while probably the majority) out weigh the vile bullying that accompanied them.

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