Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 20 → Your Views On Drugs And Alcohol

I remember as a child never wanting to do the stupid things my parents did when it came to smoking, drinking and the other kind of smoking.  Once I became a Christian, they were even more out of the realm of possibility.  Something changed when I was 16 and started smoking cigarettes.  I found alcohol when I was 18.  I found weed when I was 20 or so.  I've since tried just about everything that didn't involve a needle.  There were only a couple that were worth repeating.   

A block of my early twenties were dedicated to the restaurant subculture.  Work while normal people are out enjoying their evening.  Bartend while others sleep.  My night started when the shift was up.  If that was eleven at night or two in the morning, it didn't matter.  I didn't just go to bed because it was dark.  We'd party. 

My wife (then girlfriend) helped curtail a lot of that.  I still drink, but that doesn't require an illegal exchange to take place so I'm less worried about that.  My opinion on drugs on the other hand is still being formulated.

The primary factor here is my children.  I don't want to raise kids in an environment where they only hear no.  I don't want my kids to do drugs when they are in school.  As an adult, I don't care if they try something.  It's the addiction that I'm worried about.  I hope to raise my kids to make the appropriate judgement calls.

My wife has a different take.  She was not an experimenter.  She doesn't want my input  or more accepting view points to be presented.  She's probably right.  Frankly it is our responsibility to guide them in the right direction.  I'd probably just muddy the waters.

I do not believe marijuana should be legalized.  We don't need people to have another excuse to be lazy idiots.  That said, alcohol is still a drug.  It still alters you.  Is it enjoyable?  Yes.  It becomes dangerous in larger quantities both mentally and physically.  The majority of drugs are potentially harmful because they aren't regulated.  More so, people who are on them are too altered to know when something is too dangerous or if they've gone too far or if they've had too much. 

I think this could go on much longer, but because I'm still not solid on my stance, this isn't a soap box I should perch on.

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