Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2 - Something you Love About Yourself

I love the fact that I help produce beautiful, intelligent, funny children!  OK, fine I have a very minimal part of that miracle, but I still have a part goshdarnit!  OK, wait, not that kind of minimal!  In fact, this could have been about him but I decided to leave my body out of the things I hate, things I love conversation.  Didn't want to have a bipolar pendulum swinging between depression and narcissism.

Alright, back to my kids.  Though, I've probably already lost my audience who might care about the children. I guess it's better than starting to talk about my kids when there are just a bunch of pervs who stumbled upon this through a Google search of why I love my member!  Promise, I'm dropping it now!

I have a daughter who impresses me daily with the way her mind works.  She's silly, sweet, adventurous, slightly manipulative and extremely smart.  She has been obsessed with words and reading since she was 6 months old.  As we approach her second birthday, she knows all her letters, she knows all her colors and shapes, animal sounds and whatnot.  She knows how to push her mother and father's buttons too!  Need some attention?  Crawl on top of your brother!  Want down from the table? If signing that you have to potty doesn't get freedom, make a fountain of water spew from your little mouth.  Oh yeah, these are supposed to be reasons I love that she's mine.  Ah well, she may have those puppeteer strings securely around our every joint, but that's a product of our doing and I love that she knows it.

My son has a smile that just melts you.  He'll be four months old this week.  Time is flying by!  He's starting to spend time upright in those saucer play devices.  It's so weird, he loves his arms and legs manipulated.  I mean, I'll move his arms up and down, back and forth to a beat and he just smiles and giggles.  Same thing with his legs.  I remember playing with my daughter at this age, but this is like his favorite thing.  Hopefully it's a sign that he'll be athletic since he enjoys the physical movement as much as he does.  I'd love it if one of us came out a runner!

Yeah, so maybe I skirted the issue here, but I really do love the fact that we make great babies.  More so that there aren't problems during the pregnancy.  They are extremely healthy outside of the womb.  Admittedly, most of that falls on my wife, not me.  So I'll take my own pat on the back for my half of the genes and parenting skills/luck.  See you back here tomorrow for a touch of forgiveness. 

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