Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 19 - What Do You Think Of Religion? Or What Do You Think Of Politics?

Yeah, I've kinda been dreading this one.  These are two very volatile topics.  So, feel free to lay into me below or just skip it altogether, but don't think I've detailed everything below regardless of my long winded nature.  I honestly can't summarize my views on either in a blog post.  No exaggeration these topics could fill blogs for years.  They are also two of the core portions of a person.  It's like asking someone to explain "how" they think.  Nearly impossible to put into words and do yourself justice.

Although it looks like I have briefly spouted off about both in a blog post before.  Guess they aren't the off the table topics that I thought.

Let's start with the easier one.  Politics.  I am a conservative.  Specifically, I want Republicans running my country because they stand for less government, fewer taxes and for the United States of America to not be a national charity organization.    I think this is the important side of politics.  I don't think the government should put people on welfare indefinitely.  I don't think non registered inhabitants should get ANYTHING.  Translate that into, illegal aliens should go through proper channels...they effing exist for a get a damn visa and subsequent green card.  I think it should subsidize charitable organizations to help care for our wretched, poor and sick.

I'm not a fan of over spending in government.  That includes war.  We shouldn't be fighting someone else's fight.  We certainly shouldn't veil our need for control as human rights activism.    Bills submitted to the houses should be strictly one item/topic.  There shouldn't be a bill that gets voted up or down because it champion's XYZ while ABCDEF&G are hiding up it's skirt. 
I think politicians should be in office for a set period of time then ineligible for the same office.  All of them.  Also, aside from the President...because he deserves one should collect a pension from service to the country greater than their time served.  There should also not be separate tax law and health care law for these folks.  They should receive the same government health care our troops get while in office and ditto that for when they get out of office. 

Speaking of health care.  I really don't know what I think anymore.  Our current system is highly corrupt.  I'm not thinking that putting it in the hands of corrupt government is a step in the right direction.  That said, something needs to change.  At least they are trying something new.  I just hope it doesn't devastate us more than save us.

Where my dial swings way left:  I am much more of an environmentalist than I ever dreamed I'd be.  I think people should benefit from being green.  I think businesses should benefit from being green from the government.  The government should stand behind people taking responsibility for their actions with respect for Earth.  Companies who destroy it should be taxed higher.

Morality shouldn't be a national issue.  States make laws, leave our constitution alone.  That goes for Abortion, Gambling, Alcohol, Marriage (gay and straight), or whatever people are squawking about these days.

Morality leads nicely into religion.  I don't know what I believe officially.  I'm definitely more on the Atheist/Agnostic side of the pie chart.  I am not so pompous to believe I (Humans) am the highest intelligence in the universe.  It makes sense that there is something greater, but I don't believe the legends and scribblings of man hold the answer.  I was raised in a Christian environment.  I lived the Christian lifestyle and believed I was a Christian.  Then I grew up.  I'll end my offensive comments there and will move onto my general thoughts on religion.

I think religions of the world provide structure and guidance for people.  As a whole we need these constructs to help us understand right from wrong and consequences of actions.  Every one of them have a similar goal: align morality, inspire devotion, and build community.  If you are unable to view your faith in these terms, you are far to subjective for this type of a conversation.  Whoops, there went another insult.

I strive to never sway someone's opinion on religion.  I don't gain anything from making someone see my view point.  If someone can rationally live life better as a follower of Christ, Jehovah, Mohamed, Buddha, or anyone else they choose, good for them.  I'm glad they have the inspiration needed.  I just wish people would actually live the things they preach instead of just preaching.  I'm also not one of those people who say "just don't push it on me.  Keep it to yourself."  If you're really excited and proud of something, I expect it to be shared.  Just don't get in a tizzy if you find someone who disagrees.  People are allowed to have different points of view.  Most of the time to them, you are just as absurdly wrong as you think they are.  Shock...I know!

Here comes another insult...I guess was just lying above cause I can't seem to hold them back and still make my point.  I think I am a better person than the average Christian or Muslim.  Since these are really the only two big ones (and yes I'm grouping Catholics and Mormons in with Christians since even with their diversions, they still hold the same tenants) with punishment by the same God should they fail in his teachings.  I don't need fear of Hell or falling out of God's grace to keep me in check.  I know that I'm stretching with the next point, but hear me out (assuming you're still here).  The idea that the only think keeping someone from killing someone else is that God said not to or else is quite terrifying.  I've met people who don't drink or don't gamble "because it's against their religion."  What?  Why not say that gambling and drinking are against my morals or more to the think it's wrong.  Fine if your morals are founded in your love of Christ.  But don't throw Jesus under the bus as Debbie Downer because you can't take his teachings in as your own. 

Alright, I'm ending the insults and the stepping off my soap box.

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