Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 18 - Your Views On Gay Marriage

My views are pretty simple here.  I don't view being gay as a sin like most people who oppose gay marriage.  I don't think opening up same sex marriage will cripple our economy because suddenly more couples will be filing for health insurance who previously were excluded.

I also don't think it's any one's damn business who someone else marries.  That goes for arranged marriages.  That goes for the backwoods shot gun wedding (the real kind with a daddy holding a shot gun to the man who knocked his daughter up's head).Obviously I think family support is necessary, but it's your life, if they are unaccepting of your straight or gay partner, they probably aren't positive influences in your life to begin with.

Even more ridiculous is people who think being gay means you can't hold a consistent relationship or that the divorce rate will sky rocket because of them.  What the hell does a number like that even mean? 

The sanctity of marriage?  Really?  Marriage between a man and a woman is no less sacred than a high school steady now.  People divorce for the most inane reasons.  Folks who oppose gay marriage for this reason should be trying to ban divorce too.  If marriage is truly something worth protecting, fight to make it illegal to go back on your vows or commit adultery.  That's the fight people should make.  Not deciding who is worthy of marriage.

My wife and I both were raised by our step fathers.  We both were afraid of marriage and subsequent divorce.  Hell, we originally didn't want to wed just to save ourselves from that fate.  We realized our commitment to each other was stronger because neither of us will just walk away.  We both make it work.  And sometimes it's gritty and difficult.  That makes the relationship afterward that much better.  We continue to conquer any problems instead of cowardly walking away.  We are stronger as a couple when it passes.

Now, I'm not recommending banning of divorce.  I believe there are entirely valid reasons for it.  They just happen to be a tiny drop in the bucket of divorce reasons.

So, if we as straight people are unable to keep it together, yet we still continue to try try again....why should we keep gay people from striving for the exact same thing?  Love one another and the world will be a better place.

-Author's note.  I have been writing these a few days in advance because my boss is in town this week and I knew I wouldn't have the opportunity to devote as much time to publishing them.  So last night while watching Glee.  I heard a super concise version of my argument here.  I looked at my wife and said, "No Effing Way!  That's my biggest point on my blog post about gay marriage!"  Maybe there is something wrong with me that suddenly I felt validated when a kitschy TV show shared my view point


  1. Dorn, I don't watch Glee, so I'm wondering what was said that struck that reaction from you?

    p.s. I was -- still might -- also going to tackle the issue of gay marriage and tolerance over at the Ducks. A couple of weeks back, Ellen DeGenres had called for us heteroes to stand up with the gay community, much like any white folks who stood shoulder to shoulder with African Americans during the Civil Rights Movement. I'm firmly in the pro-Gay Rights camp and want to promote the cause. Maybe doing so on my little blog is at least a start?

  2. Yes I'm for marriage equality. I view it as a civil rights issue and think that folks will look back one day and wonder what the fuss was about... the same way we look back segregation and women's right to vote.

    Folks who argue that it's only a steeping stone to folks marrying their pets or their siblings can bite me. That's faulty logic driven by fear, which is usually a bad way to make grown-up decisions.

  3. Do it John! I'd love to read your humorous take on the situation.

    SG, I've never understood the link to gay marriage and legalized bestiality. Is that their own desire coming to fruition mid debate? It's like saying alcohol use leads to serial murder. The link is absurd.

    I guess I'm naive in my view that there should be a law for or against. Then again, I don't think people should be divided based on anything regarding race, sex, sexuality, socio-economic status, or any other random discrimination we come up with. Dead and Alive (and possibly a line somewhere between child and adult) are really the only things that distinguish us.

  4. That should have read "shouldn't be a law..."