Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 16 - Someone Or Something You Definitely Could Live Without

Wow, I've hit a lot of topics in the previous two weeks that could be shoved in here.  I'd originally made the call to not talk about my body or my weight.  I'm going back on my decision. 

I really could live without about 50 pounds.  That would put me back in the 190 range.  My self esteem would be better.  My health (which is good right now, but I'm only 31) wouldn't be at risk. 

I think life would be better.  I'd be able to play with my kids more than I can currently.  I know the bedroom time would be even better if I was back to my early 20's size.  (yep, I'm done apologizing for referencing it at this point)

I've never been the type to work out on a regular basis.  I have found though, when I cut out alcohol (damn you beer and wine!) and actually exercise, I can shed it like crazy.  I'm just lazy, lazy, lazy.  Oh and I really like to drink....let's save that convo for the "views on alcohol and drugs" post.

I've even tried to blog my way into healthier/smaller portion eating...guess what?  I quit that cause it became very cumbersome.  You may most definitely translate that to lazy. 

Not going to spend anymore time here. It'll get depressing and I'm kinda working toward liking myself better, not beating myself up.

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