Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 10 - Someone You Need To Let Go, Or Wish You Didn’t Know

I've spoken about my previous boss quite a bit on this little blog.  I'm ashamed to admit the amount of air time he actually got.  This man just abused his relationship with me.  He hated to be stuck in the office.  My job involves tons of driving and going from location to location.  I became his personal chauffeur and daily entertainer.  It ultimately crushed my capacity to do my job effectively.  He also used me as an excuse every time he'd miss a call from his bosses.  In reality he would be a the movies or a strip club.  The line he'd give them though was that he was helping my department and must have been out of area when they called.

So when I started reporting to a new head honcho, I quickly realized it was my opportunity to jump ship from DOB (Dirty Old Boss).  I began distancing myself by frequenting the office only when I knew he wouldn't be around.  I didn't avail myself the way I had previously.

He was the type who constantly worried about being fired.  I'd give him the pep talk that "you know more than all of those guys.  You just have to work with your managers to bring your ideas to fruition.  You need to show the bosses that you can make it work down here."  He didn't want to DO anything.  So eventually it all caught up with him.  He was fired this year.

Guess what!  That previous year and a half of being his little buddy came back to bite me in the ass.  One of the three blog posts about this wretched time in my career!  In case you don't follow the link, here's the gist.  Because he was always with me and blamed his absence on helping me, I looked like an incompetent fool. 

Prior to his firing but after my transition to working for someone else DOB approached me.  You know what a pyramid scheme is right?  Yeah, he decided to pressure me into becoming a rep for Ambit Energy.  This is a Multilevel Marketing company for Electricity deregulation.  He conned one of my employees into doing it and kept pressuring a coworker by saying "look, just put it on your card, you'll never notice it, I need the commission."  This didn't work on me.

Now that he's unemployed, it's the only gig he has going for him, so he's full steam ahead.  I don't think it's very profitable though.  He may have hit rock bottom and be willing to alienate his friends and peers, but he just doesn't have the charm it takes to sucker people in.

He called me the other day to let me know his wife got a new job in Florida and he was interviewing for a position with a company that I should look into.  He talked to me about how there is life beyond the industry I was in and should get out while I can.  First, the job he's getting does the exact same thing as my job, just his product is stationary and mine has wheels.  So sad.  He needs to have someone else jump ship so he can feel better about the firing.  "Look, Dorn left because it was getting so bad, I'm just lucky they gave me a severance to do it!"

This is a man I wish I didn't know.

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