Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Am I a Reg Man?

This is on the barbershop next door to one of my stores.  What exactly is REG MEN?  Do I qualify?  I mean, I'm pretty average for the most part.  Is there an up charge for red hair?  How bout if someone's in a wheel chair?  Do they get docked because the person has to squat a bit more?  How bout a man with curly hair?  Are they penalized because their locks aren't standard issue? 

This barbershop has a bad habit of not being open on time.  Anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours is standard practice. 

The other day a handwriten sign was posted stating:

For Inconvenient

Wong is sick

Store not open today


Thank you so much for going the extra mile to make sure we are put out.


  1. Poor Wong!

    Yes, this is for regular men. I'm sure you are fine. But any fanciness or hair band requests will get charged double or triple, depending.

    Count your blessings. You can't find an $8 haircut around here anymore, and yes there's a language barrier. They have about 100 photo samples on the wall and I point at the one I want. That'll be $14.

  2. I asked the guy who runs my store what a "Reg Man Cut" was and he told me it was clippers only. If they have to use scissors it costs more.

    I remember going to a barbershop as a kid that was $5 and it still pangs me to fork over $25-$30 with tip.