Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Map of Online Communities

I thought you might find this interesting.  XKCD has created an updated map of online communities.  i.e. what's going on here.  You reading my blog right now.  This is US interacting in the virtual online world.  The data they've compiled is not necessarily 100% accurate, but they seem to have tried to be realistic.  They've of course used humor to help the mapping process as good cartographers should if they want people to truly explore.

Here is a link to XKCD website.

If you click the image below to enlarge it gets big...really big...yes, yes, that's what she said.  I know.  This will give you a chance to explore the virtual world around you.

Did you see the size of that farm land.  Damn, must be gold in them their fields.

Oh and in case you were searching, Tell Me What I Need To Know has a beautiful beach house on the western coast of the Island of Miscellaneous Blogs in the Sea of Opinion.  My view of the Sea of Zero (0) comments is quite breathtaking. 

And please do share where your slice of heave can be found!


  1. I LOVE that there is a Beiber Bay!!

    Beiber Fever: Catch it now! (If you haven't already...)

    If you think about it, we all have our own little speck out there, but what really boggles my mind is the map in the upper lefthand corner which shows how much of all communication is actually spoken (and not via phone). I suppose that makes sense, but I just wouldn't have thought about it.

    (The mind-boggling part of it is that it seems like there is SOOOOOOO much communication performed via computers and cell phones, but it's such a small fraction.)

  2. I assume written language is being incorporated in to this since email, Facebook, etc are included.

    If that's so then I'd guess The word Language and below would probably be consumed by books and to the right would be magazines maybe.

    Above that through the word Spoken would be consumed by TV and Movies. Maybe I'm over estimating the consumption of Hollywood, but I doubt it.

    That leaves the top portion to split up amongst music, face to face communications, Politicians, Talk Radio, Sales Men and a spec or two all of us who sing along with the radio in the car!

  3. What happens on Deviant Art Island stays on Deviant Art Island.

    I know. I know. This whole thing is temporary (but permanent), indulgent (but expressive), narcissistic (but voyeuristic), blah blah blah (but you don't say!) We've built a blog we're proud of, but still won't put our real names on it. I just can't take the contradictions anymore. Are we wasting our time out here, or will this stuff define our generation(s)?

    By the way, comment envy will kill you. And from, what I can tell it never ends. Only 50 comments... Dang!

  4. SG, you and GG created an even more contradictory world in our online universe with your very blog premise. The constant push and pull must keep it exciting to plug away week after week.

    While visiting Devian Art Island, did you ever figure out what the neighbors at "The Iraq" were up to?