Monday, October 18, 2010

"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me."

Originally, I wrote about how these two temps I have running one of my stores are walking all over me.  One, a stoner retard, no showed this weekend, making this day number 8 I've worked straight. (I'm on call every weekend, but this weekend I actually had to run a store too).  The other is an apathetic retard.

Then I realized all of the problems I've had with them point back to me being a crappy manager.  I've overlooked things I shouldn't.  I've laughed at their stupidity instead of just firing them.  Bad stuff.

I don't feel like having a pity party.  So instead I'll give myself some real goals and give tomorrow a whole new slant.

Goal number one, I will wake up and shower BEFORE my morning conference call, not after.  Every day, not just when the boss is in town.

Goal number two, I will divide up that paper work in my office by stores/locations that created it.

Goal number three, I will take a stack and bring it to that store.  I need more face time with these guys anyway.  This will allow me to research things on site with the folks who probably caused the work anyway.  I will work my way through those stacks by month's end.

Goal number four, I will hold people accountable like I'm held accountable.  If this means write ups, so be it.  If this means confronting some of my long standing problems/nemesis even better. 

I will not be a door mat any more.  Things will change or I'll find someone who will do it my/our way!

I will do this before "pushed to my limit" becomes "pushed out the door!"


  1. How's that morning shower thing going? Does it include brushing your teeth? Getting dressed?

  2. Meh, I've started 2, 3 and 4. That morning shower is still coming after the 8 am conference call. And yes, brushing of teeth and dressing are involved (before and after, respectively).

    I'm lucky I don't have a trucker's voice on the call each morning because there are many days, especially the first few weeks after our second kid was born, that I'm out of bed 30 seconds before I dial in.