Thursday, October 21, 2010

Five Items or Fewer - Stephen Fry on Language

I love word play.  I enjoy how people can twist words in mischievous ways to have an entirely different subtext than what's actually being said.  I love the fact that the English language has many words with slightly different connotations all to describe the exact same thing.  If you misuse one, few people may notice, but if you are around a word nerd, they may just call you out.

I don't want to sound like a dolt but I also don't have nearly the vocabulary to be impressive.  My grammar sucks.  My wife points this out constantly

But this video tickled me.  First, I love listening to Stephen Fry.  I remember watching an animated Winnie the Pooh which he narrated.  "The Grey Donkey" never sounded so charming. Secondly, he is poking fun of the people who obsess with language and don't accept it for its flexibility.

Give it a listen.  The graphics are equally entertaining in their simplicity.


  1. I forwarded this to our editorial team yesterday. Just to note that the typesetting may look simple, but this is a complex project, awesome execution, and I can't figure out any shortcuts to get a similar project...

  2. As some one who is entirely ignorant to web design, I will take your word that this is complex. I knew the idea was supposed to focus on a new way of animating typography. It was the clean contrast and perspective change around each curve that made complex appear simple. I'm definitely not doing it justice with this comment, but I think they did something wonderful really.