Thursday, October 14, 2010

Facebook Suggestions - I found God...Literally

I rarely pay attention to Facebook suggestions.  They are those little things in the upper right corner of your screen when you aren't on your smart phone.  They recommend you friend people if one or two of your friends are also friends with them.  They suggested I "might know David Byrne," I felt pretty cool for half a second. 

Pages work the same way.  Someone likes a Person, TV Show, Movie, Brand, Band or what ever, it'll suggest it.  I'll admit, I've liked a few things that were just funny at first and later thought, hmmm, this is a crap page that keeps filling up my page.  Like "I Thought I was Owning on Mario Kart until I Realised I wasn't the Top Screen."  It's run by a little shit of a British kid (hence the misspelled Realised), I should just unlike it and be done with it.

Other companies make you like them to enter a this day I've never won a sweepstakes give away, yet HGTV continues to email me and Dole Bananas continues to post to my Facebook news feed.

So today I noticed a couple suggestions that were a little odd.  I decided to click on view all.  Originally, I was going to comment on them and post them all, but then I realized there were pages and pages of them, so here are a couple screen shots of the first few pages.  I might revisit this when I have more time....some day.

My favorites are when people like John McCain and Lady Gaga fall together.  It also makes me want to cross reference friends between the pages.  You know like "Being Conservative" and "Slutty Twinks."  I'm sure the folks at Google could make some interesting data available to the likes of Psychology Today that would keep them busy for years with research and speculation. 

What's the last page you liked on Facebook?  "Having a relationship where you can act like total retards together" and "I don't feel like folding the laundry so I just restart the dryer" never post, but obviously fit my mood at the time.


  1. Oh, God...those are so bizarre! I'm becoming more and more cautious about clicking on ANYTHING's kinda creeping me out.

    And honestly, I'm not that into FB. The ads are pushy and bogus and I don't like people telling me what to do and who to like and I never asked for any farm animals.

    Why are people giving me farm animals?

  2. Well Kathryn, maybe they are really asking you to plow their fields and help them sow their oats. The goat is your dowry?