Saturday, October 30, 2010


I love Halloween.  It is an entirely pointless holiday where people of all ages celebrate by getting dressed up in costume and having fun.

With the exception of one year when we were visiting my grandparents in North Carolina, my wife and I have dressed up every year we've been together.  This will be our eighth Halloween together!  Many times we make our own costumes out of things we have or rework older costumes.  This year we have four of us to dress.  So instead of being uniform in our choices, we've decided to go as a father-daughter team and a mother-son team.  We could have picked a family set...using the mother son costume, but I just wasn't feeling it this year.

So My daughter is going to be Super Girl and I am going as Lex Luther!  I'll be reworking an old prisoner costume into Lex's.  We found an great Super Girl costume that caused an utter fit when she had to take it off.  Should be fantastic though.

My wife is going as the Wicked Witch and our son will be a flying monkey!  Still have to come up with some baby wings, but the little monkey costume we found is adorable. 

Here's a brief stroll down memory lane with some of our costumes.  Our first couple years are missing...I think they must be on an old laptop that's long since crashed.  We've been Mr. Cellophane and Roxy Hart from Chicago.  We were a pair of jesters the following year...I was a bit more ghoulish and she was hot as Harley Quinn.
See, even when we aren't in costume, we'll still celebrate a little!

Little fun with the fantasy!  We'd just gotten engaged the week before.
Ball and Chain included!

That jacket for my Mad Hatter costume was freaking $3 at the Good Will!
I think we paid more for the baby doll shoes to make the Alice costume!
Timing is everything!
We had our daughter four days later!
Sweet little chickadee!
This was inspired by Swine Flu.
I had to tone mine back because we were
caught up with a 1st birthday party too.

Hope you all get out there and have some fun tomorrow if you haven't already hit the town in costume!

Happy Halloween!

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