Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tell Me What I Could Do

I've been optimistically mulling over my possible futures!  I have reached a point where I want to complete school so I can do something with my life that I really love.  Cheesy and naive as it may seem, I believe you can find good in any job, but doing something you love makes life worth while. 

Here are my thoughts...

I enjoy writing.  

I'm teaching myself to play guitar in an effort to eventually start writing songs.  I like to come up with jingles and short poems, I believe I could eventually do something with it. Not sure if school is required...couldn't hurt, but a few lessons would probably be more helpful.  Ultimately, if I turn out to be any good, it's all about who you know to get the songs sold, right?

One option where school is least to hone and focus my skill and actually writing for a magazine.  Guess I'm in the practice now of putting thoughts down in a semi coherent order, maybe more education could help tweak and inspire.  Once again, who you know will help land the gig ultimately.

I think I'd be a great teacher.

I've been in a teaching capacity in nearly every job I've had since I was 12.  Training is still teaching even though you might not readily think of it.  So, I'm thinking about going back to school right now for it.  I want to take some electives to help the above goals, but education would be the preferable degree.

The problem is I don't know what I want to teach.  Elementary sounds fun an all, I'd be a part of all aspects of the kid's education.  But high school or higher education seems the better fit.  The problem there is I don't know what subject I love enough to teach all the time.  Once again hoping to find inspiration along the way. 

What did you want to be when you were more idealistic than now?  I'm presuming most of you have grown up beyond my current state.  If you don't like what you're currently doing, what do you want to do? 


  1. I've gotten this question a couple of times lately, and I try to be a voice or reason. I've seen a couple folks so committed to being creative that they were actually self destructive. You HAVE to pay the bills and take care of family first. That said, there are thousands of jobs in music, publishing, film, etc. Not all of them are writers, singers, directors.

    But, hey, Time has a cover story this week on the troubled state of education and the need for good teachers that don't necessarily come from the standard track.

    How about TEACHING jingle writing?

  2. Not a bad compromise. I appreciate the voice of reason. I don't think I'm as irrational about it as I could be. But there is definitely the childlike wishfulness that keeps one from being miserable too.

    My best friend is still struggling with balancing his real world job and being the lead singer in a rock band. Eventually he wants the rocker to be his only persona. I can respect that, but I'm not in that same head space.