Friday, September 10, 2010

Smells Like Teen Spirit is Almost Out of Its Teens

So, yeah, my musical taste could be deemed questionably horrible.  I would certainly be pummeled to death by a biker or rockabilly-geek for it.  Although in my opinion if you look like you stepped off the set of Grease, you're trying way to hard for an image and should be beaten yourself.  Now that I think about it, if your "image" is dictated by the type of music you listen to (Grunge, Goth, Hair Band, etc) your musical taste is equally questionable because you cannot see past your closed minded ego.  But I've strayed from the course.  Back to the point...yes I have one.

All of that is to say I wasn't one of those people who had the first Nirvana album on cassette before anyone else thought they were cool.  I know, shocked aren't you?  In fact, I hadn't paid any attention to the grunge or goth movement until my first girlfriend in 8th grade was WAY cooler than I was in the music department.  I was diggin' Garth Brooks, she was all about Nine Inch Nails.  I am eternally grateful to her for guiding me down the alternative path before I became engrossed in pop country past the point of no return. 

She introduced me to Nirvana as well.  Like a good subservient lad, I tried to delve hard into it.  But holy hell what was the deal?  Country lyrics I could understand and sing along to.  Hell even "Head Like a Hole" could be screamed along with!  But "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was bloody impossible!  Heavy Metal and Rap were easier to interpret!

The more I listened in an attempt to get her, the more I liked it.  Admittedly, to this day I still couldn't sing the lyrics if you held a gun to my head.  On the 19th anniversary, while myself and all other thirty and fortysomethings try to grapple with that reality, here is my little tribute to Kurt's "attempt at the perfect pop song...ala the Pixies!"

And of course, it is loved by all. Even Patti Smith and Steve Earle covered it!  And I can understand the words, thank you very much!

Then again, I think many have stated that you're not a rock star until Weird Al has covered/mocked you!


  1. I'd not heard the Patti Smith cover before tonight. Pretty impressive. Thanks for the education.

  2. My wife said I should have chosen Tori Amos' cover. It definitely has a naughtier sound. But for that matter Paul Anka has just as much fun making it an upbeat swing song. But to be covered by Patti is far more impressive in my mind.