Monday, September 27, 2010

Name Dropping

What does this string of logos, people and products say to you?

Does it say massive European dance hit?

If it doesn't you're logical, but incorrect.

These are the things Tinie Tempah raps about in this Swedish House Mafia single called Miami to Ibiza.

While I admit I like the song, I hadn't actually listened to the lyrics until the other day.  Here they are.

Thanks to Metro Lyrics

She says she likes my watch, but she wants Steves AP
And she stay up all hours watching QVC
She said she loves my songs, she bought my mp3
And so I put her number in my Bold BB
I got a black BM, She got a white TT
She wanna see whats hiding in my CK briefs
I tell her wear suspenders and some PVC
And then Ill film it all up on my JVC

Scene One. Everybody get in your positions.
Pay attention, and listen.
Were tryna get this all in one take, so lets try and make that happen.
Take one...ACTION!

Repeat all x3

She pose for FHM, She like my Black LV
We spinnin LPR, up on my APC
I'm in my PRPS and my Nike SBs
Ravin with SHM, London to NYC
I got my Visa and My Visa
A diva and her dealer
Bitch I'm up on the guest list with the Swedish House Mafia
You can find me on a table full of vodka and tequila
Surrounded by some bunnies, and it ain't even easter
I wake up in the morning with a mild case of amnesia
With a girl that like a girl like Lindsey Lohan, Queen Latifah
A few niggaz are pullin, Yeah guetta must be fever
And thats standard procedure from Miami 2 Ibiza

No kidding, there are still a few on that list that I have no clue...who is LPR?  What is Steve's AP and a Black BM?  The rest I think I did OK at deciphering. 

Flo Rida has his Pirellis, Jay-Z has his Cristal, Lil Kim's Peeps have their Bentleys, Hummers and a Benz and 50 Cent's Shorty has her Gucci, Fendi, Prada, BCBG, Burberry and Dolce & Gabana.  And the only lists get bigger.  Why do rappers drop product names so much?  Aside from flaunting their money, do you think they get kick backs or something?

I'd think a good ad exec could come up with a beat and string together all of his high dollar clients into one long advertisement.  Sell it to the next rising star or schmooze a big balla to make it their next huge single.   Do you think it's already happened?  Would you be surprised if it one of your favorite songs was a product of Pepsico and Nike's quest for world domination?


  1. Not sure bout the others but in the UK a "BM" is short for BMW. HTH

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  3. She like my black LVOctober 3, 2010 at 6:17 AM

    BM is short for a BWM, yes

    Steves AP = Steves audemars piguet, which is a watch startin at like 20 grand ;)

    LPR is a band: Les Poètes Rapides..

    Do we have everything now ;)