Saturday, September 25, 2010

Katy Does Elmo

Insecure Women of America:  Get over yourselves.

The Katy Perry's scene on Sesame Street was put on Youtube before it actually aired.  Like every star who appears on Big Bird Lane, she was teaching the kids a lesson that ties back to their own fame.  She was singing a modified version of Hot n Cold about playing to cover opposites with Elmo.  Maya Angeloo, Norah Jones, Barbara Bush, Anne Hathaway, Wanda Sykes, Tina Fey, Heidi Klum, Michelle Obama, Annette Benning, the Dixie Chicks and many other ladies have paved the way for Ms. Perry.  So what's with the recent scandal?

Boobs.  Plain and simple, Katy is hot and since it was leaked before it was released, housewives and dikes feminists insecure women with giant egos (I know, it's illogical to have both problems, but give it some thought and you'll probably agree with me) many others decided to wage a war.  Why? Boobs.  They weren't hidden.  They were in a top that showed cleavage. 

Katy is young and perky with some less than subtle music videos.  Parents who watch Sesame Street with their children (or at minimum use it as a baby sitter) are typically comprised of a man who would probably do Katy and a woman who thinks that if only she hadn't popped that kid out she'd have Katy's body.  Neither of which are necessarily true, but the thought that the former is true makes the latter's affect much more intense.

So all dogging mothers aside, had this clip just aired as planned, I don't think there would be a fraction of the buzz.  Alas, it hit the interwebs.  With a dozen 24 hour news stations and a million news websites, someone was bound to sensationalize it.  By day break, Jim Henson's legacy never knew what hit them.

Could they have chosen a different outfit?  Absolutely.  Should they have chosen another shirt?  Probably.  Would there still be an uproar had they done so and it hit Youtube?  Absolutely.  Once again, think about it.  They would have been attacking her provocative lyrics and music videos deeming her an unfit hero for children.  I still blame the DP and Producer for Sesame Street more than Katy herself.  The camera guy sure could have said something. 

Did any one see Neil Patrick Harris in a Fairy Costume?

How bout Howie Mandel demonstrating Ticklish?

Hello?  Cheech Freaking Marin on Sesame Street?  WTF?

Who else had their clip pulled?  Chris Brown right after he beat the crap out of Rhianna.

Why would they allow the clip to be released?  Are ratings dropping?  Why wouldn't they have just put her in another set of dress up clothes?

Whatever.  Here's the video.  Tell me what you think.  If you think it would affect your children, your cup size better be a C or better.


  1. Katy Perry is not a real person -- like Stephen Colbert or Lady Gaga she's a character who rarely, if ever, appears in public as the actual person who lives underneath. You are hiring the character who does not have a song that is appropriate for your demographic. They don't seem to be blaming her, but they shouldn't be shocked. It could have been more risqué. It could have been less. When you try to walk the fine line between your repsonsibilites in presenting role models and keeping your show pop culture fresh, you're going to slip every once in a while. Some of the outrage is manufactured, but I don't think it's all about insecure women lashing out. PBS and MTV are not an easy mix.

  2. My wife shares your sentiment. I still believe had she been in a tee shirt and it hit Youtube, people would be up in arms because of that character she has created.

    She was on SNL last night less than subtly poking fun of the situation. Her singing was gawd awful so the clip was the breast part of the show involving her.