Saturday, September 18, 2010

How Far Would You Go?

I cuss a lot in the following entry.  If you are easily offended, you probably shouldn't proceed.  Why you might ask?  Because I'm a little ticked off at the American Public right now.

I read this article on about a father boarding a bus to verbally attack his daughter's bullies.  The side note is that the little girl/victim suffers from cerebral palsy.  The arguing point is how he used vulgar, abusive language and threatened the bullies.

I here applaud the man.

My first stance is against this generation of completely horrifically apathetic little shits we've all raised.  No one cares how their words and actions affect another human.  They all just want to be affirmed and loved by their peers.  If that means throwing their friend under the bus or stabbing a pen into their buddy's jugular, so be it.

Fuck all you parents who taught your kids that it is better to join in than stand up.  By not punishing your child for hitting their sibling or classmate or whoever they decided to torture that day, you have created a person who should be euthanized before they hit adulthood.

The point of my stance isn't to tell you why you sucked as a parent for not actually introducing respect and discipline into your child's life.  It's to say that some one should at some point tell your little hellions off.  Putting someone in their place, regardless of age or fault, is more powerful than any A, B, C, D, or F can deliver.  Your child deserves to hear what real people think, not the pussified version of life you chose to present them with.

My second stance is against the "experts" stating that the father caused more harm to the situation by making the child feel like they couldn't defend themselves.  If you think a child feels worse because some one stood up for them, you've obviously never been a victim or even slightly bullied.  Hell you've probably never even had someone cut in front of you in line.  You are so detached from reality it is laughable.  Knowing someone cares for you enough to strike back at your attacker is incredibly powerful.  Witnessing someone defend your honor elevates you to a position that is untouchable.

The father most definitely should teach his child how to stand up for herself, but I only see positive for the little girl.  Fuck with her, you're gonna die.  Nothing carries more weight.  I wish I had a father like him when I was being threatened and beat up in high school.

I'm not saying you should agree with me.  But if you do, re-evaluate your memories of childhood.  Were you the bully?  Or were you the victim?  Did you ever just sit idly and watch your friend take the abuse?  Did you ever get to be the hero?  What are your thoughts on this father's behavior?


  1. Holy Hell, this sparked a debate between my wife and I. She sees it as criminal and many other (thirty minute argument ensued) things. She also pointed out the girl who splashed acid in her comment.

    So the point she says I should be making is that the father wouldn't have been placed in this situation if parents in America actually took parenting seriously. Teach your children, punish your children, raise your children, love your children, pay attention to your children. Don't think that food, clothing and shelter are enough. This isn't Eastern Europe fits both sides of and develop your kids.

  2. I happened upon your blog while reading "From the Inside...Out" and I must say I agree with you completely! The one time my daughter was being bullied (kids giving her shit because her father is dead---little bastards) I never got the chance to go and knock some sense into them. My older son got to them first. He got suspended for literally pulling the kids away from her and tossing them to the ground while basically telling them that if they ever screwed with his little sister again he would do a whole lot more than knock them down. I couldn't possibly have been more proud of my son for standing up to the bullies and standing up for his sister.

  3. Tia, thanks for stopping by. Huge kudos to your son. That's what older brothers are for, first, but it also shows he understands family and the protective nature that comes along with it.

    It'll also keep you out of the news if he does it to another kid instead of you.

    I'm the oldest with two younger comes with the first staged XY I think.