Thursday, September 2, 2010

Earl, Seriously, Thanks for Destroying Someone Other than Florida!

Sunny Florida, oh how this flock of red heads doesn't know what to do with you. 
We arrived.  In one piece is a subjective that neither party in my marriage would agree with.  I was a wee bit of a drama queen.  Shock, shock, horror, horror.  My ego will not allow for any further elaboration except that, the child just plain wore me out.  Add the fact that I (yes, lovely wife, in the off chance you stroll through these parts, I admit it ultimately was my fault) forgot the DVDs that make having a portable DVD player worth while, to the stress of travel in general and I was just screwed from the start..

We're leaving the chitlins with Grandma and Great Grandma while the rest of us go snorkeling!  Never been, so I'm excited.  Supposedly a real reef, not just murky Gulf Coast water (truly not a BP jab).  It'll be nice to have all of my wife's siblings and spouses doing something together that doesn't involve mocking my mother-in-law or Christmas presents. 

Even with SPF 70 (yes it exists), flesh will burn.  Hopefully not too terribly bad though.  We do have wedding festivities to attend the same evening and following day. 

Gawd, I have to apologize for being a prick slash flaming Mary in the morning.  While the wife causes most her share of the problems, my reaction isn't always 100% appropriate which just doesn't make for a happy time.  Grovel in the morning before I go play hunter gatherer and find breakfast.  That should help get the day started on a good foot.  A few hours without kids should help too! 

Cheers to sunny beaches and underwater adventures!

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