Monday, August 30, 2010

What's Your Nightmare?

We are traveling to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Thursday for a wedding.  OK, so planning an outdoor (more specifically, on the ocean in a boat) wedding during hurricane season in Florida is iffy at best.  Beautiful people as they may be, I'm not sure three years in Florida have taught my wife's cousins anything about weather patterns.  (Shurgs) what the hell, at least if we all die, we'll be celebrating with family, right? 

No, that's not actually my nightmare.  Mine happens on the way to and from the fantastic nuptials.

Direct Jet Blue Flight from
Austin, TX to Ft. Lauderdale, FL for two : $498
Additional Fees for Baggage through Jet Blue : $0
Additional Fees for Lap Children through Jet Blue : $0
Surviving a 3 hour flight with two lap children :

Screw off if you said Priceless

I know what you're thinking...Nightmare for you?  Try being a passenger around you four!
Really, I don't care.  I've been on flights with screaming children dozens of times and typically I no longer notice them after the initial take off.  We've now flown 8 times with our daughter.  Only one of them was a bad flight...and it wasn't her that made it bad.  We caused every problem by spilling an ungodly amount of crap on her and us.  There were kids (or probably parents) on them though that needed to be taken down by the Air Marshall!

The stress involved when you combine babies and airports and subsequently babies in airplanes is monumental for the parents.  My daughter is at the stage though that she's bored within 2 minutes of doing ANYTHING.  How am I going to fill three hours there and four hours back?  Terrible twos started early too!  She'll be 22 months this week.  I'm afraid she's going to be one of those aforementioned horror children. 

Our son is officially two months old this weekend.  He's still in the chillin' at the milk bar sleeping for hours mode.  Honestly, if you've never witnessed a baby drunk from breast milk, it's remarkable.  It also keeps their ears clear during take off and landing...which lucky for us coincides with his feeding schedule! 

My nightmare...freaking out during the flight in an attempt to wrangle my child (and then being taken down by Mr. Air Marshall).  Any advice for this youngish parent?  What hell have you subjected yourself to? 


  1. Ooph! Oooh! I know! I know! (Waves hand in the air furiously)

    The trick is to go to the dollar store and buy all kinds of "new", never-before-seen toys. They get doled out one at a time...and you make sure you've got plenty! A portable DVD player is a Godsend as well...with maybe Dora or Bob the Builder...or whoever is popular with the toddler set these days. Kid-songs on an MP-3 player w/their very own set of headphones, special snacks as incentive for good behavior. On a long flight (4+ hours) my pediatrician even suggested a shot of'll keep their ears clear and knock 'em out for the flight...but the timing's gotta be right to resort to that, obviously. I always over-prepared with the boys...then I found I didn't need half of what I brought to amuse them.

  2. Thank you Kathryn. Happy to announce we made it. I stopped by Target's dollar section and picked up some new books, crayons, flash cards and what not...great idea! So DVD player is a great idea and all ....................................................... until you leave home without any DVDs!

    It was a little rough, but right now, the only directions I need is "the Beach is to the Left!"