Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We're BACK!

The proud rooster was ever so patient for the sun to come up this day.  It seemed that darkness would linger an eternity.  At the first break of day light, he wanted to announce the morning.  Alas, he new the rays he'd spied were merely wishful thinking.

Watchful and silent he waited, not wanting to miss his queue.  Surely this night could not persist.  He began to imagine the world that would awaken once he introduced the sun to the eager dawn.

Finally, as his strength of will had nearly crashed around him, a stream of gold broke free of the forest.  As if a brave soldier displaying the mighty banner in lead of the cavalry, he strode to the pinnacle.

With all the pride he could summon, he shook his feathers straight and threw back his comb in dazzling display and echoed out his morning proclamation.

Day had come, light was all consuming. 

As the din of life grew around him, he basked in his own glow of grandeur, knowing the morning he'd set in motion was positively grand.

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