Thursday, August 26, 2010

Well Isn't That Just a Bitch!

I've let my student loans get beyond out of hand.  I suck at paying bills.  That's the primary reason my wife takes care of thing like that.  So it turns out that not all of my student loans were through the same company.  According to the letter my company's payroll department sent me today, a bill has been going to my old home in Oklahoma that I haven't lived in for 7 years.  They have ALSO filed for wage garnishment and a court in OK has granted it.  I am no having two 15% wage garnishments.  One for Sallie Mae and one for Oklahoma something or other.

Both companies sold my account to others who have now taken this action.  Here's the deal, if I was a proactive douche bag, I could have just kept deferring these least the one I knew about.  Instead I've been the in-denial-douche-bag.  While my head was buried in the sand, I allowed 30% of my hard earned cash to go directly into someone else's pocket.  I owe them the money, so don't think I'm riding the "but I'm innocent officer" pony.  I just should have controlled things far better than I did.

The worst part of this pathetic debacle is that I don't even posses the degree I'm now being raped for.  They get to take $800 a month from my post tax income.  I get to sit with zero product to account for the massive fine I'm eating.  The bright side is after two years, I'll have paid both of these companies off.  But holy hell, what if there's more?

I'm feeling about as small and worthless as a fucking zit on a teenager right now.

Here's the song stuck in my head today.  Got enough spite in it to fit my mood right now.  Enjoy...tomorrow hopefully I'll be in higher spirits.  The past few posts have been kinda depressing.

Kevin Rudolf featuring Lil Wayne
Let It Rock

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