Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vacillations of Inspiration and Apathy

I'm hitting that critical point where decisions have to be made that will affect mine and my family's future.  Going back to school right now would be the smartest thing I can do for marketability in the long run. 

I've put it off for far too long. 

As I see it, I have two choices.  

One, I can bite the bullet
and be broke for the next
two years. 

Or two, let the current course 
run through the dry creek bed 
and then be forced to find 
something else without the degree.

Either way, I've hit a major brick wall within this company I work for and cannot expect to have a long fruitful future with them. 

The wise decision would be to proactively better myself while I am still gainfully employed.  The problem is I got myself into trouble and cannot apply for financial aide until my entire previous debt to the U. S. of A. is paid off by means of wage garnishment.  (seriously still unabashedly bitter that they began taking 15% of my salary because I missed 4 payments....absolutely ZERO exaggeration there.)

So I'm left with several options to make option numero uno work.  We can strip down all of our expenses and learn to live on a true budget.  We could move to a smaller place to save some money (in theory that's doable, but that may be a giant head ache that could hurt a lot when in the thick of it.). 

Since winning the lottery or having a sugar daddy are both highly improbable, I'd say the wife and I have some number crunching to do. 

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