Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trapped Underground for 4 Months?

If you haven't heard about the 33 miners in Chile who are trapped in a copper and gold mine after a cave-in, Reuters has a good time line through last week to catch you

It's been 24 days and they've been steadily working to get supplies down to them.  Food was rationed for a couple weeks...literally 2 spoonfuls of tuna and some crackers every other day! 

They've been able to communicate with their families over this past week.  Right now fighting depression is the key agenda until they are rescued.  The original estimates was three to four months.  Let that sink in.  Could you imagine being trapped in a cave underground for 4 months?  Not by choice and not by punishment (think solitary confinement). 

I'd go freakin' nuts!  I couldn't imagine 24 hours, let alone 24 days! But 120 days?

They are sending down recorded soccer matches and iPods with music and whatnot to try to keep their spirits up.  The UK Guardian has a little bit on it here

I heard about it on Tuesday from BBC's Radio 1 satellite station.  How is this not top of the news?  I realize it's not America, so people don't really give a shit.  But I haven't seen this on the news at all.  Maybe it's just bad timing...but I've heard dozens of Hurricane Katrina survivor stories for the 5 year anniversary.  I've heard all about the Emmys.  It's just strange what hits big and what doesn't to me.

In fact, stranger to me is that Chile seems to be a country we neglect in the news altogether with news when it comes to big events.  Haiti's earthquake happened a couple days before Chile's did this year.  I heard about Haiti for a month.  Chile got a blip the day it happened.  Now this.  Hardly a ping on the radar about this.

Guess the news really is about selling viewership to it's advertisers.  Gotta play the stuff people want to hear.


  1. New headline: Free iPods!

    That will get everyone's attention.

  2. That is so freakin' sad. Both for these poor trapped men and the incentive to report it in the news.

    So very, very sad.