Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sleeping Alone and Bill O'Reilly

So I walked into the lobby of the hotel this morning and my buddy asks how I slept.  I told him "not very well."  Standing next to him, our friend replies that she didn't sleep well either.  With extra bright eyes, huge grin on his face and beaming excitement, he does a mock puppy stretch and says, "I slept great." 

The beds were super comfy.  I just couldn't sleep.  I went to bed about 10:15 and wouldn't let myself look at the clock until I couldn't stand it anymore and saw 11:38.  My alarm was set for 6:05.

I told him I have been sleeping next to the same person for seven years.  It's hard to change it up.  I did start out on "my side of the bed" at first but given that it was only a full, I quickly migrated to the center.  Even still, no wife, no zzzzz.

I only hit the snooze twice this morning.  Pretty good by my typical standards.  I had my morning predictions for my stores' daily performance and rate shops from the competition sent out by 6:30.  I was shaved, showered, packed up and checked out by 7:10.  That my friends is unprecedented.  Yes, all of you with real jobs that require your VISUAL presence before 9:00 (on the best of days) have permission to boo me.

Here's to possibilities and inevitable short comings (raises a glass)!

So the drive back from DFW wasn't very bad once I got past the stupidity that is Fort Worth.  You'd think I was in Austin with that type of irrational congestion.  I got home with enough time to play with my daughter for an hour or so before her bed time.  She giggled a lot and had a blast.  Best part of being Daddy, seriously...adoration.  (Closest I'll ever get to being a King!)

After I put her to bed, my wife had turned on the O'Reilly Factor.  (I typically lean conservative politically.  Honestly, no party fits me perfectly and I'd rather back the folks who value hard work and less government than those who insist on enabling the lazy.  I can deal with the minor squabbles individually.  People with money sense should control my country, not bleeding hearts.  That's what non-profits and charities are for.)  I HATE Bill O'Reilly.

Bill and I (once you strip away the mountain of bullshit, spin and vile repugnance that is his debating style/view point) typically end up on the same side of most issues he discusses.  Tonight was no different.  He discussed the Mosque at Ground Zero, Barack "Barry Soetoro" Hussein Obama being his typical self, Health Care Reform, and Sharia Law.  He got me going on every fricking topic!


Mosque shouldn't be built, screw being PC, 9-11 was a violent act in the name of Allah and this is just insulting.  Move it farther away.  I don't know what will make people happy, but let's be realistic, no where in Lower Manhattan is acceptable at this point.  But him insisting on trying to appeal to the "Good Muslims" to go to the tenets of the Quran and find it in themselves that to promote peace and unity (or what ever line he was touting) to not build it out of respect for the victims' families is a load of bullshit.  That's like telling the employee who walks into the boss's office asking for a raise, that if he was a good employee he would realize that what he is asking would only hurt the company he is so dedicated to and shouldn't want a raise at all.  Call it a stretch, but I think it is a fair analogy.  Just shoot it straight Bill, you don't want to be called a bigot like the rest of the crew so you are towing a line for everyone to follow.

I think BHO should stay out of it.  This is not a matter for the executive level, leave it within the city.

Skipping the Health Care one, because that was just thrown in so there weren't 6 out of 6 stories about Islam.

Sharia Law huh?  Is it legal was the proposed question.  He of course had two ladies who were on his side of the debate as guests.  If you don't know, Sharia law is the "Extreme" branch of the Muslim faith that does the whole cut off the had for theft and stone a chick for having an affair thing.  A couple days ago in Afghanistan, they stoned TO DEATH, a couple caught having an affair.  First Bill's blond guest tried to play it off that engagements in the Muslim community are laughable, then quickly moved on to say they had no evidence aside from catching the two of them holed up in a motel together.  She then tried, poorly, to described the horror that is stoning a human being.  I'm not going to play lawyer, judge and jury here, but I guarantee that'd be enough evidence for my wife to leave my ass.  But that's irrelevant.

What is relevant is that THIS IS ANOTHER COUNTRY, NOT THE USA!  Their laws may seem barbaric and extreme, but as a country with the death penalty, we aren't even a pot that's a shade of gray calling the kettle black here.  Forget the appeals process.  Forget the handful of laws that once broken lead to execution.  WE STILL EXECUTE PEOPLE!  While I support the death penalty; I'm not ballsy enough to point fingers at another country who ALSO has it and say "You're not fair!" 

Hanging, Firing Squat, Guillotine, Quartering, Burning at the Stake and anything that may or may not go on in Gitmo aside, this is a perfect example of splitting hairs.  Would I chose the gas chamber, electric chair or even lethal injection over  At least the people who threw the stone have to take that away with them.  We have tried to eliminate the guilt to an umpteenth degree so everyone walks away with a clear conscience.   You take a life, whether in war, self defense, carrying out an execution, accident or out right murder, you have still taken a life.  It should and inevitably would weigh on you for the rest of your own life at any rate.  I think that helps keep us grounded.

I'm sorry, I typically try to remain politics free, but he got me riled.  Thanks baby and suck it Bill!

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