Monday, August 16, 2010

Probably More Appropriate as a Facebook Update

Yes, this is less of a blog post and probably something more suitable for a Facebook update, but it is what it is. 

I'm out of town on a business trip right now.  We are meeting for a district review at the area headquarters.  The whole team is together...something that doesn't happen often.  We all have territories in different areas of the state, so most of our contact is via email and phone. 

It's really nice, camaraderie that is.  We all went out to a great Italian restaurant called "i Fratelli's" and had some wine and great food.  Poking fun at each other and swapping stories, both work and personal.  Good times.  Best of all it was on the company's dime. 

We've now retired back to the hotel because it's going to be an early morning. I was prepping for the morning to make sure I could sleep in as late as possible but still be ready to go first thing and was about to do the whole nightly routine when I realized I was an idiot...again. 

I forgot my tooth brush and toothpaste.  Dang it!  I'm not the type to intentionally shine a spotlight on myself as a dumbass in real life.  So the dilemma was, do I call the front desk, as my wife recommended, or just find a convenience store of some sorts in a city I'm unfamiliar with. 

I bucked up the courage to call the front desk and to my delight, chipper Felicia at the front desk told me to come on down and it was complimentary.  THANK YOU BABY JESUS!

Crisis diverted.  Good night all.  You too can now sleep soundly knowing my pearly whites are polished and purdy!

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