Thursday, August 12, 2010

Paris Hilton...Hot or Not?

I'm going to be a little tacky here.  Two posts in a out now.

I saw this photo on's Entertainment page.

At first I was like "Wow, Paris got a boob job!"

Then I took a closer look.  Same little bitty A Cup there.  She's just just arching the hell out of her back to give some semblance of curve. 

Her belly looks huge from this angle, even though you can see what's really going on.  Why?  Who told her this is the way to manipulate the shot?  She's been posing in front of the camera for 15 solid years now.  I guess one awkward shot is to be expected.

The whole Marylin replica thing just gets lost when I'm seeing this crap.  Have you ever seen a horse distend it's belly so the saddle doesn't fit as snug?  My babies do the same thing with their diapers.  I guess it fits really, mental capacity of an infant or a horse. 

Is she on your Hot list?  Is she just another fame monger who needed to disappear? (cause honestly, I don't hear about her nearly as much as I did say 5 years ago)


  1. No. Never was.

    Maybe for a split second when she did that cheeseburger commercial. But a cheeseburger will make any woman look hot.

  2. Carl's Junior definitely worked a guy stereotype there huh? Works, though...10 years later and it's still referenced?