Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Naughty, Naughty, Naughty

I've been following a hilarious...raunchy...over the top...balls to the wall blogger called One Crazy Brunette Chick for a little while.  The only thing I can say is DIZ-AMN!  My usual readers, please forgive me, I do occasionally use foul language but I do not typically get down and dirty nor do I really break out the razor blade and cut out a few lines of unadulterated rawness.  Today is the exception and if you aren't up for the ride, I suggest you check back tomorrow.  I'm not joking about this.  You have been warned!

Naughty List

For those of you who have stuck's the deal.  CB has a fantastic blog you should follow and worship.  Here is the link!  Today she proposed the creation of a list.  This is simple but revealing.  You are to list three naughty things you've done.  To quote "list 3 OR MORE naughty things that you've done... 10 years ago, 5 minutes ago, hell even if you just imagined a wild ride with a Crazy Brunette"

Naughty Things I've Done before (before I was 24):

1.) Before my wife a I were officially dating, we did it like jack rabbits, any where and every where.  Neither of us lived on our own, so we got it on all around Tulsa.  We frequently chose the river park across the pedestrian bridge to do the deed until I got a horrific case of chigger bites on my nuts.  Calamine lotion doesn't do shit for whelps on your junk.

2.) I went to a rave in Montreal about 10 years ago.  I didn't realize it was a primarily gay friendly event before attending.  I found two different girls to "turn me straight" in the men's bathroom in the same night.  Kept me on the narrow road to righteousness ever since y'all!

3.) I was fired from a bar for serving a minor who was two days away from 21 on a Tuesday.  By Saturday, I was working at another bar and had services rendered by another eminent 21-year-old in the kitchen's walk in fridge.  I never got to collect my tips before the manager threw me out on my arse!

Feeling up to it?  Open up and reveal your deepest darkest secrets.  Or at least entertain the rest of us with a crazy tale!

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