Friday, August 6, 2010

Absolut Drinks Campaign

A month or so ago Madame Lamb posted the photos from Megan Fox's saucy shoot with a mannequin bearing her own likeness.  Hot and creepy at the same time...thank you Interview Magazine and Craig McDean!  The Interview accompanying it was her being probed (and yes that's the appropriate term for what was produced) by Zach Galifianakis.  I'd give you the link to Madame Lamb but it appears they've been hacked and are now an illegal online pharmacy...HACKERS SUCK!  So here's the link to Interview's page instead.

I'll get back to Interview in a moment.  The pop art Absolut Vodka continues to produce for their advertisements makes me happy.  They have seeped into pop culture in a very fun and creative way.  They are selling alcohol for christ's sake, why not have a little fun with it?  It works nearly every time.  I remember the Crown Royal billboard off highway 244 between Sheridan and Memorial in Tulsa vividly.  They changed the ad often enough to keep you looking but would find their way back to one of my favorites frequently.  It was simple.  A giant Crown Bottle half unsheathed from it's purple bag with one liner stating "Not Actual Size."  It truly ticked me as a child...turns out as an adult, I hate the stuff!

The latest print ad campaign I've seen for them was in said magazine with Megan Fox and all of her naughtiness.  I was waiting to get my hair cut and was pleasantly surprised to find it and was horrified at the mess that is stepping (ever slightly) into Mr. Galifianakis' head.  Attempting to find the remaining part of the story in the back of the magazine The Absolut Twist caught my eye.  It was shiny and happy and I didn't realize it was for Absolute at first.  Next, I caught the recipe in the corner and glanced at the bottom to see the info.  This is where I did a double take.
That Blond Bombshell in the swirl of green with the turn table is Kate Beckinsale!  Never would have noticed it was her until I read it.

The series was designed by fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth.  Here is the link to her fan page if you want to familarize yourself further with some of her work.  She's got a cheeky feel about most of her photos.  I dig it.

As I continued to wait, I snagged a new magazine and found another one of her Absolut ads.  This one had Zooey Deschanel in a circus ringleader's outfit holding a ventriloquist dummy of herself.  It was for the Absolut Vodka Martini.  I cannot for the life of me find this image on line.  I wish I'd at least snapped off a pic at the shop but there wasn't forethought about posting it.  Hindsight you know?

So here are the ones I could steal from the interwebs!

The dashing Kate as
Absolut Bloody Mary
Mirror from the Urban Legend and everything!
 I've never had an Absolut Blues
Zooey is enough to make me try it though
It's alcohol, how bad could it really be?
Abslout Crush
Again, never tried it
Kate is rockin' the Barbarella look though
I'm down
Your Absolut Cosmo
I'm glad they went futuristic
instead of Sex and the City-ish
Yeah, that's Zooey

So here's where I share my own Absolut Recipe!

I made a drink I called a Clearly Canadian.  Those of you who didn't grow up in the 80's and 90's may not be familiar with this effervescent treat.  You'll just have to take my word that this tastes just like one!

Fill a high ball with ice
pour 1 oz Absolut Kurant
top with club soda
add a squeeze of lemon

Yes, it's that simple and it is essentially a flavored vodka soda.  Bite me.  So here's the modified version I made my wife called a Lazy Morning.

Fill a high ball with ice
pour 1 oz Absolut Kurant
top with club soda minus a finger
splash of pineapple juice
add a squeeze of lime

I can seriously loose track of how many of these I suck down.  They just disappear.  Oh, and for the record, I've never actually made one small enough to fit into a high modify as necessary!
This was all sparked by the new TV ad Absolut is running with Ali Larter as Lemon Drop.  Here's the Video on Youtube.  The link from the commercial keeps bouncing me to my home page.  Starting to worry that I might be the one hacked!


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