Thursday, August 5, 2010

5 Foods I Am (Only Somewhat) Ashamed to Say I Love

Editor of 5@5, James Oseland posted this article on eatocracy blog.  He writes about the 5 foods he's ashamed to admit he loves.  I am a sucker for lists.  I too have many a guilty pleasure.  So really, this was right up my alley.  I may not share any of his tastes, but there are certainly common sources involved (fast food, candy, etc).

So here are my  five foods I'm ashamed to say I love:

1.) Starbuck's Caramel Frappuccino - Calorie count aside, I really hate the overly burnt flavor from the Coffee King's beans.  But I cannot resist this fabulously frosty concoction!  The sweet from the carmel balances the over-roast and makes for a heavenly experience.  Why be ashamed?  Coffee or espresso alone, possibly with milk should be the go to, not this fat laden sugary confection.

2.) Steak & Egg Burrito from Jack in the Box - Friends, I live in Austin, Texas.  This is the land of authentic breakfast tacos fresh from the trailer.  I'm not joking about the trailer thing...THE BEST food comes from a super cheap trailer with a catering license!  Those of you on the East Coast with street vendors know what I'm talking about.  But the lure of this fast food behemoth is too much to resist.  A large flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, steak strips, fried hash brown sticks, cheese, a special sauce (OK, enough snickering!) and salsa.  AWE-SOME!  No combo though, this Boeing 757 size wrap is more than enough for breakfast...possibly lunch and dinner too, when you look at the fat and calorie content.

3.) Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - "You got Peanut Butter on my Chocolate!" "No, you got Chocolate in my Peanut Butter!"  Need I say more?  I once watched a heffer ( fat girl reference, not the bovine kind...even if this is Texas) waiting for a flight at the airport, pack away 4 King Size Reese's Cups.  For those of you unfamiliar with this specific package, it's double the normal amount in a pack.  That's 4 cups in one temptation spawning orange wrapper.  So that you don't have to do the math (such a considerate person, no?) - That's 16 Peanut Butter filled Chocolate cups.  I went on a Reese's hiatus for a long while after witnessing this very sad event.

4.) Coney Islander Chili Cheese Coney's - I did not grow up where I could have enjoyed the real deal.  So the next best thing in Tulsa, Oklahoma was this franchise's irresistible micro dogs on buns with meaty chili, cheese, mustard, onions and a splash of pepper vinegar!  We are not lucky enough to have anything close to them down here.  I get to indulge once or twice a year when we go back home to visit family.  My brother-in-law (whom we stay with every Christmas) just happens to live 2 blocks from one of the shops.  This itty bitty walking distance is a very dangerous thing for a foodaholic like myself.  Oh, and the ensuing heartburn is SOOO worth it!

5.) Brownies - Specifically the middle of the pan without the hardened edges, brownies.  I do not have a brand preference.  I just cannot get enough of the chocolatey, gooey goodness that is a fudge brownie.  Elevated above both cookie and cake, this fudgy bar has the mood elevation from the cacao as well as the cure for the worst sweet tooth!  Should I one day become a Superhero, my arch nemesis will undoubtedly use the simple brownie to crush me like a bug...weakness, tsk, tsk.

Bittersweet feeling with this sharing.  It makes me reflect on the little fatty I've become but there are obviously joyous thoughts involved with each treat on my overly indulgent list.  What are your favorite guilty food pleasures?

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