Thursday, July 15, 2010

They Walk Among Us

There are crazies everywhere.  I'm starting to think that I might be the common denominator here.  Every where I shop, they do too....hmmm.

Outside 7-11
So how do you think this went down in their head?
It's not the handicapped space, but it is their exit spot.
There was obviously an open spot right next to him!
Some people just don't give a damn.
 Outside of another convenience store.
This Town Car driver was popping on his hub caps.
I guess previous experience has taught him
not to leave his valuables out over night?
I don't know why this weirded me out, 
but it just got me the other morning.
I really hate bicyclist who flip flop between
pedestrian and vehicle.  Pick one mo fo!
You don't get to ride through when there isn't traffic
and then stop me from turning right just because there is!
 You know, the cards alone could startle some.
Looking at this, I wish I'd at least peeked 
inside a couple of these.
What the hell are two bananas doing here?
Guess they just didn't make the cut from the bunch.
Probably a produce worker around when
they chose the bunch huh?  
OK, I have to admit the first time I saw Huggies Denim Diapers
on a friend's baby, I thought "how cute."
The commercial though makes me want to puke.
"My Diaper is Full...Full of Fashion."
Gag me.
Guess if you're going to pay extra for them, you should show them off!
Clothe your damn baby!
Who doesn't want to be a disco ball at some point?
Work it buddy.
Oh and that toupee is totally natural looking!
This poor woman.
She had 3 daughters with her who couldn't find it 
in their hearts to guide her in the right direction?
She's obviously injured her arm.
But having your suspender shorts open so you can expose
your arm out the bottom of your shirt???
She must be lost, this is Wal-Mart attire,
not fit for a Coach store...albeit an Outlet.

Folks, they walk among us.  At least we can feel a slight sense of superiority at their expense.  Happy Friday!  Oh and way to go BP? I'm really surprised it was within my lifetime.  I imagined a future where we had a giant La Brea Tar Pit on our Southern border that I could take my grandkids to visit!


  1. The guy in the sequined shirt made me think of this site

  2. I know right? Maybe we are just truly hindered from enjoying life by our inhibitions. Just imagine the freedom if we didn't care at all what others thought. Yeah...nope still wouldn't be caught dead in a camo miniskirt with trash bag shoes.