Monday, July 19, 2010

Peep Shows, Oh the Roads We Travel

I received this email today.
Holly from the Girls Next Door is performing a Peep Show in Vegas.  In case you've missed this incredible piece of pop culture.  Check out their Wiki page.  (That's about the cleanest page I found on them).

Here is the timeline as I see it:
- Basically a few lovely ladies posed in Playboy. Not going to presume how a serious daddy complex affected them  prior to this point.
- Hugh Hefner took a shine to them and make them "His Girls."  How gross is it that he actually has ranked girlfriends who are not only aware of one another, but actually live together and hangout with one another.
- E! decided the retards with big boobs would make for great reality TV. Sadly, they were right in line with what America craves...and not the pervy guys, women LOVED this show.
- Hef and the girls broke up...AKA he found new pootang. 
- Kendra and Holly each got their own reality shows.  Not sure what happened to the third. These ladies have continued to plague our TV with their stupidity and we continue to eat it up. 
- Kendra made babies.
- Holly went back to what she does best.  Gettin' Nekkid and gettin' paid for it.

That is where my email fits into the timeline.  According to the info provided on the travel package website, this is a "Peep into Fame."  So lemme get this straight, you're booking a Vegas Vacation actually centered around going to a strip club.  Isn't this one of the "What Happens in Vegas..." experiences that "Stay in Vegas?"  Not the central theme...unless of course it's a bachelor party!

Don't get me wrong, it's not the actual peep show that's odd, it's that Holly hasn't actually done anything to "better" herself.  Porn leading to fame is the ultimate Holy Grail.  This woman definitely drank from it.  And that is supposed to be our peep into fame?  A woman taking 10 steps backward from fame and using it to promote a dying industry.  Well, I guess there really isn't any different from the Governator, Gene Simmons or any other fame whore. 

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