Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Obnoxious or Ingenious?

Sometimes an idea comes along that makes you realize actual real life application is never really considered.  Kinda like my Grandpa's RV's bathroom design.  Once you're in you cannot close the door without standing on the toilet.  Or how bout Apple's iPad?  This giant internet viewer does not allow you to use more than one app at a time?  iPhone is the same, fine, but a $500 piece of equipment that is essentially a giant phone with no phone functionality?  There are scissors packaged in that impenetrable plastic that require you to use scissors to open it.  You get my point, a product design so retarded, you just want to destroy it and/or torture the designer!  What could possibly be that bad you ask?  (Even if you didn't, I'm going to tell you.)

The movie Despicable Me has some little yellow pill shaped characters called Minions.  They speak shear babble.  If you've turned on the TV at all in the last couple months or gone into a fast food joint, you've surely seen them.  

So Best Buy has created an app for smart phones called the Minionator.  It translates the nonsense to hilarity.  So what's the problem?  You use it during the film.  So while people are in the theater you will get to see folks using their cell phones.  

At the beginning of every movie they talk about turning off cell phones, silencing yapping teens and gagging babies.  So who the eff decided this was a good call?  I'm sure some genius pitched it to Best Buy as "You want to be ahead of the curve right? People use their cell phones 24/7. So why not incorporate their movie enjoyment into a multimedia experience?"  You know why?  Because cell phones in movie theaters are horribly distracting.  Shame on you Best Buy for being trailblazing jack asses. 

Admittedly, it is designed to be used during the end credits.  So how many jack asses will be flipping through their phone or downloading it during the film to have it ready for the credits? 

Can't imagine what this could lead to.  Direct translation of any foriegn language in the next 007 movie, read by James Earl Jones of course?  Oh, what about a "Pop Up Video" style in movie extra about the filming of the last Harry Potter!  Technology is great, but sometimes we just need to step back and evaluate the total impact, not just the immediate pleasure...you know kinda like they should have done to heroin back in the day.

Any retarded product designs that annoy you?

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