Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lonestar Beer Bottle Caps

Most people toss their beer bottle caps in the trash as soon as they crack them open.  Unless you're a dorky frat guy who smashes them into the post of his bunk bed(no, I was not that guy, but definitely knew him) Sometimes however, beer makers have a little fun with their freshness savers. 

Sam Adams brags about their awards under their bottle caps.  (The do have a lot of them to boast)

Lonestar Beer has a different approach.  They put little puzzles under their caps.  You know the kind you used to find on kid's menus with activity pages.  Here's an example. 
Erie Canal
Get it?
Picture of an Ear + The Letter E
Picture of a Trash Can + The letters AL
Ear + E Can +Al
Erie Canal

Yeah, so it's kinda mean messing with inebriated folks, but who doesn't enjoy jacking with a drunk really?

I remember the same concept on Red Dog beer when I was in High School. What? No, I didn't drink under age, I was a bastion of chastity and virtue.  I must be misremembering.    
This guys is actually selling these on Etsy

So unless you're halfway through that magnum of wine by 11 am on a Thursday (because of course you've been waiting breath abated, to read this as soon as I post it) You shouldn't have nearly the problems we did at the time. Have fun.

So here's where I admit a bit of failure.  
I have no clue (well half a clue) 
what these mean.

Oh and note there are only 10 caps.
We started out with 12 
but didn't notice the game on the first two.
Not rumaging through the trash for my blog.
Yeah, I'm a slacker.

So I was going to post a link to Lonestar Beer's Website, because I don't know how many of you have even heard of THE National Beer of Texas, let alone have drank it.  That's when I found it.  They actually have the answers on the website for you in case you're just that obsessive type.  (obviously, I fit the bill as I'm writing a blog post about it).  They even have an app for that!  Genius!  I'll be checking up on the three that made no sense to me.

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