Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busted - Mugshots Galore!

I found this publication the other day at a convenience store and succumb to curiosity's temptation.  
It is a compilation of all arrests in the Central Texas area including mug shots and bust reasons.  
I'm not sure why I was taken by it but it reminded me of the small town newspaper my grandfather had mailed to him (probably still does) when I was younger.  It was called the Sabine Index.  It covered the local news for the little area of Louisiana he grew up in.  Zwolle and Many are a couple of tiny towns in northern Louisiana south of Shreveport with literally one stop light. 

I remember his favorite part to read was the "Legals" section.  It contained all the police calls, tickets and arrests made that week.  We used to just laugh at what was essentially the news for these little towns.  Now that I'm thinking about it, you really couldn't keep anything a secret in a small town like that...especially with the local paper publishing every detail.

Well this is the exact same concept.  Muglymedia.com puts out this paper and it's essentially pages of mug shots.  But there are some "feature sections" that I'll highlight for you.  Hope you enjoy it, or at least get a snicker out of it. 
But first let's start with the disclaimer at the bottom of every page. 
"All suspects in Busted! In Austin are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
All information and photos presented in Busted! In Austin are obtained from public
documents and other public sources including police affidavits and court documents."

Important things first.  Here are your local sex offenders:
This should be a weekly mailer to everyone in the neighborhood right?

Here are the local crime stats and answers to the quiz later on.
Don't cheat, you'll ruin the fun.

Here's a breakdown of the different offenses you'll find on the
numerous pages of mug shots.
Other crimes like Theft, Assault, Disorderly Conduct and what not are just stated.

Occasionally peppered in are some articles about specific criminals in Texas.
Really, an Evil Hippy Drug Dealer?
Oh and an Angry Jealous Lesbian.
Doesn't get much better for headlines huh?

They keep coming, are you surprised?

There are of course death row stories, bail bonds ads and what not.
So why not throw in a good ole game of Whodunnit?
Good luck!  I was about 50/50.

They even classify some mug shots.
Here are some Old Farts and Whipper Snappers.

And some Funky Hair and Smiley versus Frowny Faces.

"Respect my Gangsta Fool!"

Here are your Busted Beauties.

And Handsome Hooligans.

You can really get lost in the sea of mugshot of people at one of the worst (hopefully infrequent) moments in their lives.  Once I realized it would keep going outside of Austin's Travis county and into Williamson and Hayes county I realized I am so glad I'm a fairly upstanding citizen.  I wouldn't want my sorry ass immortalized during my own moment of stupidity and law breaking.  

I'll leave you with the Missing Children shot on the back.
Gotta  keep our priorities straight here.
Funny and entertaining as this rag is, if you can help a child too.  
You know.


  1. Yikes. And this edition comes out...how often? Maybe it IS supposed to be a lesson to the rest of us to keep our noses clean...lest we become an evil hippy drug dealin' old fart....

  2. Hi Kathryn, thanks for stopping by. Monthly, and even sadder is that there was 10 more pages of nothing but mug shots. Pretty sure it was dirty noses that got him his own column in the first place, so good point!