Monday, June 7, 2010

This'll Drive You Nuts

Looking to occupy yourself for 10 minutes or so with something pointless and infuriating? 

Here's how far I got before I had to walk away.
Have Fun!


  1. Just hit 19.203.

    My work does the opposite of thanking you for posting that link! :)

  2. I can get to 16 consistently, but that's from learning the pattern. Where can I send you the receipt for a new (and highly calibrated) computer mouse?

  3. John, good job? (wasting time that is!) You're work isn't welcome either.

    SG, pretty sure if you retweet that you like Logitech's Facebook page, they will enter you in a drawing for a Groupon discount to get 75% off your next mouse purchase. That'll totally have the same result as sending me the bill on blogger, right?