Thursday, June 3, 2010

Statcounter - Creepy Tracker

I was feeling super depressed about this blog a few months ago and installed Stat Counter to see where people were coming from or if anyone was actually reading my retarded thoughts.  I was getting hits on the little visitor app.  I just wasn't seeing any followers or comments.  Thus the depression.  Reality that I was writing a diary of stupidity was setting in.

So Stat Counter shows you some interesting things.  Like how long people view your site, where they come from or go afterward.  If they come back.  My favorite feature though shows what people Googled, Yahooed, Binged, etc that got them to your blog or website.  I like to check it out every few weeks out of morbid curiosity.  It's caused it's own anxiety because I now know people are frequenting it but not following it or commenting.  I know, I shouldn't care, this is for me after all, but hello, you don't put your thoughts into the world in hopes of getting silence in return.

So here are some of my heaviest hitters:

It turns out my June Bug Post is my most popular.  Over 50 queries! People really want to know why June Bugs are SOOOOOO retarded.  Not joking "Why are June bugs retarded," "June Bug Season," and "Are June Bugs Blind?" are the top searches over the last couple months.

My post about a friends band, Black Queen Speaks, has some serious searches from across the country and even Guam (surprisingly not as many as for my video posting about "Tipping Guam Over.")

When I posted a memorial for my Best Friend who passed away a couple years ago, all of our friends lit that one up too. 

Erykah Badu, Ricky Martin and the Topless March in Maine got a ton of traffic too.  This one though, caught my horrified interest.

Click the image to enlarge.  Yes that really does say "I LIKE TO PUNISH FRIENDS WIFE FUCK HER IN THE HOUSE IN ASIAN COUNTRY VIDEO." 

OK, so the linked page was about my wife and I being at each others throats while dealing with the in-laws on a vacation. I'm sure Wank-a-Saurus Rex was very disappointed when they got to a picture of my Father-in-law and Ben Roethlisberger!

Can't wait to see what yesterday's post sparks.  I mean no joke, serious gay porn references!


  1. The Anonymous comment at the end of your June Bug post was rather intelligent and insightful. Makes me wonder why he/she chose to hide under the cover of anonymity...

    Obviously, I'm a follower, but I don't necessarily always comment. That's true of all the blogs I follow, though. If I have something to say, I will. If not, I'm not going to try and force it or leave something generic. But that's just how I roll...

  2. We've been at it for a long time now and the mystery endures. Use the analytics to confirm that someone/anyone is reading, but unless you're trying to sell something, the numbers don't matter. We get more readers than many of our blogging friends, but far fewer commenters. I think some of that has to do with our title/subject matter. I'm really happy to have lurkers, but get upset when I post something thoughtful and get no response and then post a link to a fart-trapper blanket and everyone pops in to say hello.

  3. j.m. you're absolutely right, I would have thanked him/her for it, but who am I really saying anything to?

    SG, so the common denominator amongst y'alls readers is the ability to laugh at fart jokes. At least we have a sense of humor you can toy with!

    I was actually glad to see some of the results from the StatCounter showing people were at least reading this.

    But seriously, thank you both for stopping by my part of the web.