Friday, June 11, 2010

Signs from the Road

Our son is due anytime now during the next four weeks.  I don't want to be caught on the dark side of the moon for work when she goes into labor.  So in preparation for his arrival, I've been doing a TON of traveling.  Typically, I visit my distant locations very seldom.  We are "required" to visit every store at least 4 times a year.  That's the minimum expectation, but there are always exceptions.  Like the larger volume ones who get to see me upward of four times a month!  And then there are those far away places in the dark recesses of Texas that I only visit one or two times a year. 

Needless to say, the last six weeks I'm beyond exhausted.  I have traveled 8,000 miles in 6 weeks folks.  I have only stayed overnight a handful of times.  It's like I have a bungee cord attached to the center of Austin and I drive as far away as I can in a day and then let go just to be snapped right back.  All of this to and from has made me loathe the windshield.  I'm tired of buying a soda or candy bar so I don't feel like a jerk just stopping in to use the bathroom at a gas station in a one horse town.  I do not purchase anything if I leave that bathroom feeling utterly violated by filth!  Because I'm sitting behind the wheel 75% of my day, usually with a fast food/convenience store something-or-other crammed in my mouth, I've packed on nearly 10 pounds!  And I think that about wraps up today's whine!

I'm glad it's done though.  Now I'll get to spend some time with my stores who have been MEGA SLACKERS since I've been preoccupied. 

I try to snap off a photo with my iPhone when I see something just odd, and let's face it folks, I'm in Texas so that's a full time job in of itself.  Sadly it's typically gone before I can do anything.  That said, here are a few signs I've come across lately that gave me pause.

Truth in advertising from a diner in Austin
Why didn't I think of this marketing campaign?
Bake Brownies in clay pots and label them 

This is in a little parking lot in downtown Austin.
I want to know the back story.
Probably a pretty profitable con for awhile!

Nothing like a crispy fried storybook friend.

I'm sad that my border patrol sign didn't come out.  There was a please restrain your pets sign before you reached the guards and drug dog.  There was a stray dog taking piss on it as I approached.  I snapped the photo right as the dog took off!

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  1. Out of these signs, I think my favorite is the "pot" brownies. That is super genius... Although, you'd have to guess that the amount of repeat customers is rather low.

    "Aw, man. Dude, these are so not working."