Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Balancing my Karma

Saw this sign while waiting THREE HOURS at the doctors office today WITH A TODDLER!  We'd been roaming the halls for ever.  Up and down the stairs.  Up and down the elevator....Berlin goes "whooooa" every time!  Stopping to talk to EVERYONE.  Running across mirrored objects like strike plates and being entertained by the baby in the reflection.
That'd be Braille printed out on raised bumps.  WTH?

This was last week at the doctors.  We only had to wait an hour and a half to get in then. This is OB/GYN I keep referring to by the way (The wife is 9 months prego after all).  So this couple was really stressing in the waiting room.  Before we were called back I saw them leave out the back exit.  I'VE NEVER LEFT OUT THE BACK EXIT.  I thought it was odd, but it passed just as quickly.  Then we get called back to our room.  There on the counter, like it's a friggin' Q-Tip or something.
Dude Jerked it in our room?!?  No words, no words!

This was there too.  How is it even slightly ethical to publish this ad?
The model IS NOT a product of the plastic surgeon.
Fat women everywhere are using this as their guide to success.

I went to a place called Twin Peaks to watch a UFC fight with some friends.  This is a place (like half a dozen other restaurant chains in Austin) with a similar premise as Hooters.  Trashy girls in tight tops serving beer and crappy food.  
Their Large Draft Beer is aptly called MAN (size). 
What do they call the small?  VAG?

This one just made me laugh.  It was Superman Painting.  Honestly, how could you possibly go wrong?  He's a friggin' alien with powers beyond mortal man?  (I wish the other one came out clearer.)  It said Paiter's of Mexico.  Kinda negates the prior.  Well, maybe it doesn't.  He is still a type of alien.
I can tell you this.  He sure knows how to cut a mo'fo off.
If that's any indicator of his abilities, hire his ass.
Under the table of course.

Ummm.  No Words
Oh, here's some.  YOU WILL NEVER GET LAID.

Hopefully some levity will bring the karma back to my blog.  The last post was very sad and cranky.  Definitely needed a nap...and possibly his Batman Underroos. 


  1. "MAN BUD LT"

    That could mean so many things.

  2. I kind of think I'd look cute in those Batman undies.

  3. Brooklyn, how is it possible that a pen name of Chicken Underwear let Batman tighty blackies slide? You're right though, waay open possibilities.

    Lilu, you're probably right...unlike your dresses though, shaving would be a MUST!