Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Num Num Num

My daughter loves yogurt.  She loves frozen yogurt....literally throw a yogurt in the freezer and eat it.   GOOD STUFF!  So the other day a commercial came on that had a little kid explaining how to make a frozen yogurt pop.  Super easy so do it and make your kids happy and leave little drops of yogurt where e'er they roam!

Allow my previous mistakes experience guide you.

Fruit on bottom is not appropriate for freezing.  You either have to shake the crap out of that little container to blend the fruit without opening it.  Or you have to deal with a very bland non fruit flavored chunk of frozen yogurt to get down to the fruit. 

Whips (light and fluffy goodness) are awesome for freezing!  But Yoplait in general are not good for making pops....they have a lip on the container.  They also get larger at the bottom, so you cannot pull the little guys out.

For babies Danonino is fantastic.  Small and fully blended!

Step 1.) Grab a little yogurt container with the lid on.
Step 2.) Take plastic utensil (think spoon) and push it through the lid like a popsicle stick.
Step 3.) Freeze it.
Step 4.) Eat it.

Sounds simple cause it is.  I gave it to my daughter and she fell in love instantly.  No more waiting for Dad to scoop out a bite.  She's got this on the go!  Her little 19-month-old Yums and NumNumNums are totally worth any effort those 4 steps!

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