Sunday, June 13, 2010

Married Life

Scene: I'm sitting on the couch in my PJs catching up on some blogs.  The wife is cross stitching a beach scene.  We just finished the first episode of Dead Like Me Season 2 on Netflix.  I clicked off the TV and was about to shut off the computer.  She stands up and takes a final swig of water from her purple container.  She extends her arm and gives it a shake as if holding a carrot in front of a rabbit on a race track.

She: Go fill it up.
Me: No.
She: You drank half of it.
Me: So. It's in your hand and you're standing up!
She: Yeah, well I'm lazy.
Me: Your honesty does not inspire me to go above and beyond here.
She: At least I was honest.
Me: So you thought about lying to get me to stop everything I was or wasn't doing to do your bidding?
She: Oh did I just reveal a trade secret?
Me: No but you did just lift the veil of my eyes.
She: I knew you wanted to be the bride.
Me: What twist did I miss in this conversation?
She: Surprised you've paid attention this long.

{Went Back to Reading a Blog}

She: Ass.
Me: Love you too.

So of course I had to restart the computer.  So now, G'nite all.

By the Way, the "went back to reading blog" part suddenly disappeared  when I originally posted this.  Apparently the little arrow symbols above the comma and period are HTML code and don't translate into real script.  Who knew?


  1. "Your honesty does not inspire me to go above and beyond here."

    Brilliant!! :)

  2. Thanks, the whole exchange had a tinge of playful banter that I realize might not have played out as such once typed out.

  3. I love the detail,... Who stitches a beach scene while watching a show about the grim reaper?

    Why not practice a flute solo while watching Saw?

  4. Couldn't agree more SG. That said, it's at least a hobby that doesn't require my assistance and we can still go about normal life while she does it.